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Improving the Healthcare Supply Chain with Blockchain

October 13, 2021  / The Wednesday Webinar  / Tag: Center for Supply Chain Excellence

Improving the Healthcare Supply Chain with Blockchain

Date: October 13, 2021
Time: 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm EST
Q&A: 1:30 pm - 1:45 pm EST

Topic: Improving the Healthcare Supply Chain with Blockchain

Speaker: John Greaves
Company: ConsenSys Health
Title: Global Standards, Architecture, Conformity and Propagation

About the Speaker: John Greaves is a globally recognized leader in technology who has pioneered development in DLT and Blockchain. His work in the Standards, Regulatory and Compliance areas for over 40 years enables him to support the rapid adoption of Blockchain DLT, revolutionizing IT as he states "in the post Turing era.”

His drive towards the creation of sophisticated, Value Models based on a strong economic background, his leadership role in the Standards Community in Data Acquisition, and the rapidly emerging need for data that is focused on Value Models - not simply “data for Data's sake” - all combine to make him a thought and best practice leader in Blockchain adoption. This has led John to becoming one of the first in his field to apply Value Models in Supply Chain and Health Care in particular. His OHIO Principle (Zero Human Intervention Operations) is the backbone of the assessments and evaluations that are driving rapid adoption of Blockchain DLT.

Greaves has been the founding chair of several US, EU and British standards groups. He works closely with and continues to be a part of the EU Blockchain and DLT Programs. He was the leader of the GTAG program for EAN.UCC and developed, among many significant implementations worldwide, usable inter-operable IT and Data Processing engines. These very engines have rapidly been adopted by Standards and Regulatory IT Architecture.

John has served with distinction in multiple standards and equipment regulation bodies including ETSI, CEPT, CEN, ISO. As such, he has also addressed and been a member of many of the leading industry bodies including GS1 Healthcare Solution Partner, GS1 Inter Industry Blockchain Council, ISO, IEC, IEEE, ANSI, BSI, DASH 7 in Protocol Security, and several NGO Organizations and governmental agencies engaged in Citizen Well Being. John is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.

Greaves is a frequent contributor to leading industry publications and public media including Corporate Investment Times, CIO Magazine, and Air Transport International where his thought provoking commentary and practical resolution of issues on Blockchain and DLT Implementation form the basis of many of today’s successful rollouts.

Specialties: Leading Authority on next Generation IT, Standards Framework and Execution. Provides leadership, inspiration and overcomes the challenges of growing business.