Airport Passenger Activity

Airport Passenger Activity

Last Updated: January 24th, 2024


  • Seasonally-adjusted passenger traffic for the three airports amounted to 1,485,370 in December 2023, virtually unchanged from November 2023 and 18 percent higher than the December 2022 measure.

  • Seasonally-adjusted passenger traffic at RSW was 940,987 in December 2023, up 2 percent from the previous month and 27 percent above the same month last year.
  • PGD’s seasonally-adjusted passenger activity fell to 149,552 in December 2023, down 7 percent from November 2023 and 2 percent below December 2022.
  • SRQ seasonally-adjusted passenger traffic was 377,619 in December 2023, down 1 percent from the prior month but 8 percent above December 2022.

About the Data

Airport passenger activity represents the sum of arrivals and departures in a given month. Data for each of the three airports is provided by airport authorities at Southwest Florida International Airport, Punta Gorda Airport, and Sarasota Bradenton International Airport. All data is updated on a monthly basis.

Data provided by each of the three local airport authorities were seasonally-adjusted by the Regional Economic Research Institute using the X13-ARIMA-SEATS seasonal adjustment program, software that is produced, distributed and maintained by the U.S. Census Bureau.