Environmental Education Minor

Environmental Studies (B.A.) majors are not eligible for the minor in Environmental Education.

Admission Requirements

  • Students must meet with a college advisor/student success counselor or declare a minor and review the course requirements.

Additional Graduation Requirements

  • A grade of C or higher is required in all courses for the minor.
  • A minimum of 12 credits of the minor must be completed at FGCU.
  • Students desiring certification of a minor and designation on their academic transcript must:
    • Note the minor on the Application for Graduation.
    • Contact a college advisor/student success counselor to certify completion of all course requirements for the declared minor as listed below.

Program Requirements

Required Courses in the Minor

Complete the following:
EVR 4423 Teach & Learn Outdoors (3)
EVR 4914 Interpreting the Environment (3)
EVR 4924 Environmental Education (3)

Complete 3 credits from the following:
BSC 1051C Enviro Bio-SW Fla Environment (3)
ESC 1000C Intro Earth Science (3)
EVR 1001C Intro. Environmental Science (3)
OCE 1001C Marine Systems (3)

Complete 6 credits from the following:
BOT 2800 Plants and Society (3)
BOT 3153C Flora of Southwestern Florida (3)
BSC 3303 Biogeography (3)
CRW 2732 Introduction to Nature Writing (3)
EVR 2264 Environmental Health (3)
EVR 2861 Intro to Environmental Policy (3)
EVR 3025 Cultural Ecology (3)
EVR 4026 Human Ecology and Systems (3)
EVS 4874C Climate Change Ecology (3)
HUM 2395 Environmental Humanities (3)
IDS 3143 Issues in Technology (3)
ISS 2370 Foundations in Museum Studies (3)
PCB 3043C General Ecology (3)
SPC 3543 Ecological Communication (3)
ZOO 3205C Invertebrate Zoology (3)
ZOO 3713C Vertebrate Form and Function (3)

Catalog Year: 2024-2025

Total Semester Hours Required: 18 Hours