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Transferable Skills

Badges Designed for FGCU Students 

You’re on your way to earning a bachelor’s degree … Are you career ready?

Showcase the skills you are developing during your college career and stand out to employers. Start earning your FGCU Transferable Skills Badges!

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You are already on your way to gaining transferable skills! They are developed in your general education and major courses, and practiced on campus in clubs, organizations, and internships. Our transferable skill badge pathways guide you to develop skills in existing FGCU classes and activities, and badge assessments help you demonstrate those skills in a workplace format that employers understand.

Students Can Earn Digital Badges at No Cost

Spotlight your experiences in and out of the classroom through FGCU’s Transferable Skills aligned with National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) competencies. Learn more about the portfolio and interview process for each digital badge below. 

Professionalism Skills Badge

People with a high degree of professionalism demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior, act responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind, and are able to learn from mistakes. They are able to project a professional image and work within the norms and customs of the workplace. People with a strong work ethic demonstrate personal accountability and effective work habits, including punctuality, collegiality, and time management.


Career and Self-Development Badge

People with strong career management skills can navigate and explore career options, take the steps necessary to pursue opportunities, and understand how to self-advocate for opportunities in the workplace. They are able to articulate their own skills and connect skills to job requirements, and they are able to communicate their value to employers and effectively brand themselves for workplace success.


Leadership Skill Badge

People with strong leadership skills can leverage the strengths of others to achieve common goals, and use interpersonal skills to coach and develop others. They can guide and motivate others through effective communication and empathetic leadership. They can articulate goals, synthesize the work of others, and organize, prioritize and delegate work.


Teamwork Skills Badge

People with strong teamwork skills are able to build collaborative relationships and work well within a team structure to achieve a common goal. They contribute to group projects and meetings, and build constructively on the contributions of others. They foster a constructive team climate, and can negotiate and manage conflict.


Skills Badge Placeholder

People with strong oral communication skills can articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively in an oral format. They can organize a talk around a central message, use language and delivery methods appropriate to an oral medium, and deploy examples and visual aids as appropriate. They are able to engage listeners in multiple oral formats, such as a formal presentation, an interview, or team communication.

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Written Communication Skill Badge

People with strong written communication skills can articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively. They are able write effectively for a variety of audiences, and can follow formats for memos, letters, reports and other genres. Their writing is clear and organized, with a good grasp of grammar, syntax and spelling, and they are able to edit their own or others’ writing.

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Communication Technology Skill Badge

A person competent in communication technology can use a number of common and current communication technologies. They can deliver an effective talk utilizing presentation technologies. They understand how different communication practices are effective in different media, and they can adapt a message for multiple platforms.

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Data Literacy Skill Badge

A person competent in data literacy can use a number of common and current data tools effectively to solve workplace problems. They are able to analyze problems with a quantitative component using basic mathematics and descriptive statistics, and they are able to integrate quantitative reasoning with other analytic tools to address organizational issues. They are able to use computer applications to visualize data, and they can use data accurately and effectively as part of a presentation.

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Critical Thinking Skills Badge

People with strong critical thinking skills exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions, and address problems. They are able to obtain, interpret, and use knowledge, facts, and data relevant to a problem; and they are able to argue coherently and persuasively for a position. They are able to think strategically, propose potential solutions and evaluate their merits, and plan and take steps to implement those solutions.

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Additional Professional/Transferable Digital Badges Students Can Earn

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Browse these professional skills below to learn more and register!

Undergraduate Research Student

Undergraduate Research Excellence


Honors College Badges: Students Enrolled in the Honors College Can Earn Digital Badges Aligned With Transferrable Skills.  Please See fgcu.edu/honors for Additional information.

Career Readiness for All

Career readiness describes an assortment of skills employers look for that blend with the education of a bachelor’s degree to further prepare you for a successful career in your chosen profession.

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