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We Care About the Well-being of Our Students.

At FGCU, the health, well-being and vibrancy of our students is one of our top priorities. We have several offices on campus that are dedicated to providing the support and care our students need to be successful both in the classroom and in our community. Most of the services provided by these offices are FREE, paid for by your tuition and fees. Explore this page to learn more about these offices, the services they provide and where they are located on campus.

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Adaptive Services

Providing effective and reasonable accommodations to promote equal access to students, faculty, staff and guests with disabilities.

University Recreation & Wellness

Impacting students’ lives through engaging recreational experiences.

Counseling & Psychological Services

The main source of mental health support, counseling and therapy services on campus.

Prevention & Wellness

Providing education to students that inspires healthy practices and supports their holistic wellness.

Student Care Services

We offer resources, referrals and education to students who need assistance in managing life stressors.

Student Health Services

Our services help students when they are sick, offer routine care, resources and tips to educate them on healthy lifestyle choices.

Eagles Care logo

Look for the Eagles Care logo around our campus. This symbol represents one of the many offices on our campus dedicated to providing care and support for you!

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