Legislative Internship Program

Office of Government Relations Legislative Internship Program


Date of Internship

2022 Spring Semester 

  • January 10 – March 11

    • Location: State Capitol in Tallahassee
  • March 14 – May 7

    • Location: District Office
How to Apply

*Do not have to be a political science and/or related major to apply. No government experience necessary. 

Application Process:

  • Internship Application Form
  • Personal statement- 500-1000 words
  • Reference Rating Form: Download/Print. Two reference rating forms are required, one must be from a faculty member. Please return to the Office of Government Relations at governmentrelations@fgcu.edu once completed.
  • Resume
  • Up to date unofficial transcript (this can be a printout or electronic copy from Gulfline)

Fast Facts

  • 4 currently work in State Legislature—1 Senator 3 Representatives
  • 1-Abroad studying
  • 2- Going to Law school
  • 1-Earning Master's Degree at American University
  • 1-Completed Federal Internship Program with US House of Representatives.
  • Application starts August 19
  • Application ends October 1
  • Interview Panel- October 25-29
  • Final Selection- November 1
  • Internship Starts: January 10- March 11 Sponsored Member’s Capitol Office, Tallahassee
  • March 14- May 7 Sponsored Member’s District Office

Photo of Adina ReeceRepresentative Jenna Persons-Mulicka and Adina Reece

“This internship ignited a passion for politics and civic engagement within me that I will carry for the rest of my life.”

Adina Reece

“The internship with the Office of Government Relations is a unique opportunity and great experience to be involved with the state legislative process.”

Robert Silano, III

Photo of Robert SilanoSenator Ray Rodrigues and Robert Silano, III (second to left)

Photo of Paige Hurbanek

Representative Adam Botana and Paige Hurbanek

“Being a legislative intern at FGCU has opened up so many opportunities for me! The professional experience and skills I learned are immeasurable. This opportunity has prepared me for the real world of politics, law, and criminal justice which I now feel ready for.”

Paige Hurbanek

“I was blown away by all of the incredible opportunities and experience I had throughout the internship”

Camron Greetham


Photo of Camron GreethamRepresentative Spencer Roach and Camron Greetham

  • Internship Description

  • Qualifications

  • Preferred Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Learning Goals

  • Learning Outcomes

  • On the Job Tasks/Activities

  • Selection Process

  • Orientation

  • Credits

  • Academic Assignments

  • Safety Participation

  • Working Hours

  • Hours Logged

  • Compensation: (Total Package Value of $8,500)