FGCU Spirit License Plate

Eagles ride with pride

It’s new. It’s bolder. It’s easy to get. And 100% of net proceeds support scholarships. Signal you’re true to the Green & Blue by ordering the newly redesigned Eagle tag. Take the high road and ride with pride.

Whether you’re a member of the Eagle family or a Florida Gulf Coast University fan who wants to show support for the region’s premier higher-education institution, the FGCU specialty license plate signals your loyalty to the university. It also helps ensure life-changing opportunities for generations of Eagles by funding scholarships. FGCU is the only school in the Florida State University System where all net proceeds of plate sales go to scholarships.

Custom vanity tags are available; inquire at the tax collector's office.

FGCU license plate

How to get your tag:

Find the local tax collector’s office near you  Renew your FGCU license plate online

Purchasing for the first time or switching your existing tag with ours? The specialty plate bearing the official soaring Eagle logo costs $25, plus registration fees, and can be purchased any time of year regardless of your tag renewal date.

To get your FGCU tag in person,
find the tax collector's office nearest you.


FGCU license plate

Eagle tag fast facts

  • FGCU tags generated $41,825 for scholarships in 2020.
  • You can purchase a specialty plate as a gift at flhsmv.gov.
  • Florida’s first specialty plate, which commemorated the space shuttle Challenger, was introduced in January 1987.
  • Florida offers more than 100 different specialty license plates for organizations in support of the causes they represent. 
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