Exercise Is Medicine

Exercise Is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine on campusWhat is Exercise is Medicine?

“Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) is a global health initiative managed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) that is focused on encouraging primary care physicians and other health care providers to include physical activity when designing treatment plans for patients and referring their patients to EIM Credentialed Exercise and Exercise Professionals. EIM is committed to the belief that physical activity is integral in the prevention and treatments of diseases and should be regularly assessed and “treated” as part of all healthcare.”

The goal of the EIM initiative is to increase visibility about the importance of physical activity and to advance the notion of exercise as a 'vital sign' in the medical community.

FGCU Exercise is MedicineFlorida Gulf Coast University was first recognized in May 2015, as being a silver member.  This means that the University is fully engaging students, faculty and staff in EIM education initiatives.

Currently, FGCU is recognized at the highest level, Gold level. FGCU was recognized in 2020 for the two year recognition. Dr. Patricia Bauer, Exercise Science faculty from the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences has overseen the application process.


The role of Student Health as a significant partner in the FGCU EIM initiative, along with University Recreation & Wellness (CR), Office of Service Learning and Civic Engagement (SL), and the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS), is to facilitate student learning, health promotion, and research.

Student Health plays a vital role in the EIM program by conducting surveys, discussing exercise with patients and by referring patients who exercise less than 150 minutes per week or feel they need more physical activity.   Exercise is a vital sign at all SHS visits. A procedure code was created for the EIM@FGCU referral program.

Visit FGCU Student Health Services to discuss a free referral to start the EIM process.  EIM will not only improve students’ overall health and the health of the campus community, but will also facilitate Exercise Science student learning and faculty research agendas.


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EIM Referral Form

EIM Steps To Better Health

1) Student Health Services will refer you for a fitness assessment after consultation with one  of our health providers. 150 minutes of moderate intensity, or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise is recommended.

2) The fitness assessment will be performed and supervised by a team of exercise professionals in our state-of-the-art human performance lab. This will be a comprehensive fitness assessment that will determine your health-related physical fitness. After the assessment, you will receive an exercise prescription tailored to your goals and needs.

 3) You may take your exercise prescription and schedule an appointment to work with a member of the personal training staff at our campus recreation center. Here you will learn how to perform and implement a fitness routine seamlessly into your daily life.


EIM-OC Recognizes Florida Gulf Coast University as a Gold Level Campus!

On June 1, 2016 Exercise is Medicine® officially recognized 103 colleges and universities participating in the EIM on Campus program. Universities and colleges participating in EIM on Campus promote physical activity as a vital sign of health to their campus community. The awards were given as part of the 2016 Exercise is Medicine World Congress, held in conjunction with the American College of Sports Medicine’s Annual Meeting in Boston. FGCU is one of only two universities that have been recognized in Florida.

“Each of these campuses has made a difference at their school by making health a priority,” said Dr. Carena Winters, chair of the Exercise is Medicine On Campus program. These college and university leaders are making movement a part of the daily campus culture and providing students the tools necessary to strengthen healthy physical activity habits that will benefit them throughout their life.”

Gold Level Recognition:  Campuses that have built a system where students may be referred to a fitness professional as part of medical treatment. 

Silver Level Recognition:  Campuses engaging students, faculty and staff in EIM education initiatives.  

Bronze Level Recognition: Campuses that are promoting and generating awareness of the health benefits of physical activity. 

 College of Health and Human Services, were presented FGCU's Silver Exercise is Medicine recognition award

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Dr. Mitchell Cordova, Dean - College of Health & Human Services, were presented FGCU's Silver Exercise is Medicine recognition award by ACSM's past President Dr. Robert Sallis, Kaiser Permanente, at ACSM in San Diego, CA, June 2015.

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