About Veteran Support Committee

Helping Veterans succeed by offering a hand up

Veterans face unique challenges when entering higher education. Institutions need to  adapt to provide optimal learning environments in order to address complex needs. The Veteran Support Committee includes faculty and staff from different FGCU departments who work to promote veteran causes and provide veterans with inclusion opportunities.


Institutions need to  adapt to provide optimal learning environments in order to address complex needs.

  • Many are older students with families & children
  • Many work full/part time and have significant financial obligations
  • Student veterans are often on a short timeline(depending on Post 911 or Montgomery GI Bill)
  • Many arrive on campus having exhausted benefits as they complete their undergraduate education and enter graduate school.

 The FGCU Veteran Support Committee focuses on veteran reintegration into higher education

FGCU Veteran Friendly Initiatives

Our Philosophy

Every Veteran who has served in the U. S. military has answered the call of duty to protect our Nation. There is no higher calling. By virtue of this service to our country, Veterans have earned our respect and gratitude, not just in words but in deeds. The Veterans Support Committee was created with this important mission: honoring  FGCU’s student Veterans by ensuring that they have access to the resources, guidance, and opportunities they need to fulfill their highest potential.

We believe this begins with a compassionate and supportive campus environment that empowers Veterans to learn and thrive. Like most Americans, Veterans are a tapestry of individuals with different cultural backgrounds, social identities, and skill sets; they have served in all branches of the military and in different settings. As such, each brings to FGCU unique life experiences, personal goals, and instructional needs.

Through continuing research, advocacy, and institutional initiatives, the VSC strives to foster an inclusive climate of respect that helps Veterans to fully participate in the life of their university and community, achieve their individual objectives, and contribute their insights and knowledge in the classroom and beyond. We believe that given the opportunities to expand their horizons, student veterans at FGCU will enrich not only their own lives but the broader FGCU student body and community.