Decals and Permits

Students, Faculty and Staff must register their vehicles online via Gulfline

Student permits and decals are issued from McTarnaghan Hall room 120.  Commuter Students must obtain a temporary parking pass from the Information Booth before parking on campus to allow you the opportunity to obtain your permit from McTarnaghan Hall.

Faculty/Staff, OPS and Adjunct permits can be obtained at the Parking Services office located in McTarnaghan Hall room 120. You must bring your university identification card and permit registration form with you to Parking Services to obtain the permit/decal. 

Decal and Permit Fraud is a Serious offense and results in a fine of $100.00. The offense includes but is not limited to:

  • Falsifying information when registering your vehicle in order to receive a permit.
  • Using a Decal or permit that was not issued to you.
  • Creating duplicate Decals or permits.
  • Obtaining permit/decal not approved for your residence status. Housing students must obtain housing decal.

LEED PARKING DECAL- Energy Efficient and Low Emitting Vehicles 

To promote the use of low emitting and fuel efficient vehicles, preferred parking is provided at certain locations.  The preferred parking spaces are restricted for use by vehicles that have been registered with Parking Services and issued a FGCU LEED parking decal.  You may check the link below to determine if your vehicle qualifies.  To register a qualified vehicle you must contact Parking Services to set up an appointment to have your vehicle inspected to ensure that it qualifies. 

List of current LEED qualifying vehicles

Current location of LEED Preferred Parking Spaces (LEED decal required):

  • South Housing lot and Garage B.
  • There are no available Faculty/Staff LEED parking spaces.  Faculty/Staff with LEED qualifying vehicles may obtain an annual/reserved parking permit at a discounted price.

Obtain Decal or Permit


Follow the steps below to register for and obtain your parking permit:



Log into your Gulfline account.

  • Choose Student
  • Click Parking Services
  • Click Request a Permit
  • Disregard Term Click Continue 
  • For permit Type, choose the appropriate permit based on your housing location.
    "Student Housing" for residents of NORTH LAKE VILLAGE or SOUTH VILLAGE
    "Commuter Student" for those living OFF-CAMPUS or WEST LAKE VILLAGE
  • Fill in your vehicle information and Click "ADD VEHICLE"
  • Check the box next to your vehicle and Click "REQUEST PERMIT"
  • Click Continue
  • At the bottom of the final page, Click "PRINT THIS PAGE" and bring it into Parking Service
  • Bring your student ID along with your printed receipt page to Parking Services in McTarnaghan Hall Room 120
  • "COMMUTER STUDENTS ONLY" If you have multiple vehicles, return to the parking home page on gulfline and follow the directions and add an additional vehicle 


To avoid a replacement permit fee please review the expiration date on the front of your permit.

The YELLOW "2021" Commuter Student permit is valid until August 31, 2022. YELLOW housing decals expire August 31, 2021.

Students may only have one valid parking permit type based on their housing status. If you have a valid commuter permit and move on campus you must return the commuter permit to exchange for a housing decal.  



Visitors to the university must obtain a pass from the Information Booth located at the main entrance of FGCU, if the Information Booth is closed go to the Welcome Center or University Police Department at the Campus Support Complex to obtain a pass. There is no cost for visitors to park on campus but all vehicles must have a parking pass displayed while parked on campus.

  • Faculty/Staff

Proper Display of Decal or Permit

Commuter Students and Faculty/Staff

The hanging permits distributed to Faculty/Staff and Commuter Students must be hung from the rear-view mirror, or otherwise displayed on the dashboard, with the permit number facing outward, so that it may be read from the front of the vehicle.

Student Housing Residents

Decals are distributed to Student Housing residents and must be fully permanently affixed from the inside, mid-way down the driver's corner of the front windshield. If it is NOT fully affixed to the windshield you will be cited for improper placement of the decal. A decal must be displayed to park in housing.


Visitor permits must be hung from the rear-view mirror, or otherwise displayed on the dashboard with the permit number facing outward.

Decal and Permit Fees

Students receive the initial permit at no cost. Lost or stolen permits/decals will cost $30 ($28.17 + Sales Tax $1.83) to replace prior to expiration date. Review expiration date on permit/decal.

Permit Type Total Breakdown
Faculty/Staff Annual $118.00 $110.80 + Sales Tax $7.20
Faculty/Staff Annual LEED $94.00 $88.27 + Sales Tax $5.73
Faculty/Staff Reserved $535.00 $502.34 + Sales Tax $32.64
Faculty/Staff Reserved LEED $511.00 $479.83 + Sales Tax $31.17
Faculty/Staff OPS Annual (non-student) $30.00 $28.17 + Sales Tax $1.83
Adjunct Annual $30.00 $28.17 + Sales Tax $1.83
Term $60.00 $56.34 + Sales Tax $3.66
2 Terms $120.00 $112.68 + Sales Tax $7.32
Motorcycle (only) $25.00 $23.48 + Sales Tax $1.53
Motorcycle (second vehicle) $10.00 $9.39 + Sales Tax $.61
  • Payment options for Faculty/Staff members

McTarnaghan Hall

Contact Details

Parking Services Division |  Contact Us

McTarnaghan Hall room 120
10501 FGCU Boulevard S, Fort Myers, FL 33965

8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

239-590-1910 (Fax)

Information Booth
Visitor can be issued parking passes, temporary day passes and receive information on parking.
7am - 4pm, Monday - Friday