Parking Services

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Parking Services at FGCU provides access to parking on campus, wherever you might be traveling from.  Any motor vehicle on University property must be registered with the University and display a valid FGCU parking decal or permit. We're here to assist you with your campus parking needs!

Lutgert Parking spots


Click to view all visitor parking instructions while touring the campus. All passes are temporary and expire the same day at midnight.

Visitor Parking

Cohen parking lot


Any student enrolled at FGCU is eligible for a vehicle parking permit or decal. View all information for both housing and commuter passes.

Student Parking

Visitors main entrance


All faculty, adjunct faculty, and staff (A&P, SP, OPS) are required to purchase a parking permit for proper display while present on campus. 

Employee Parking

Parking Permits & Decals

Students apply for 2023/2024 Academic Year permits after June 1st.

Vehicles parked on University property must have a valid permit or decal displayed. Request your permit/decal through the FGCU Parking Portal.


Where Can I Park?

Rainbow over Cohen Student Union

  • Visitors to campus (Campus Tours, FGCU Store, vendors, contractors)

  • Commuter students (off-campus student)

  • Housing students with a vehicle

  • Motorcyclists

  • Faculty/Staff

  • Disabled Parking

What Do I Need to Do?

Tips for Parking at FGCU

  • Visitors to the university may obtain a pass from the Information Booth located at the main entrance of FGCU (FGCU Blvd not FGCU Lake Pkwy entrance) prior to locating a parking spot.
  • Parking permit or pass must be displayed from the rear-view mirror or on the driver-side dash while parked on campus.
  • Student and faculty/staff permits are issued from the Parking Services office in McTarnaghan Hall room 120. 
  • Obtaining a parking permit authorizes you to park on campus but does not guarantee a parking space or guarantee a parking space in a desired location.
  • Lock your vehicle before leaving!
  • Vehicle must be parked only in lots designated for the permit type.
  • No parking on the grass or curbs.
  • Reserved and restricted (visitor, volunteer, disabled, state vehicle) spaces are enforced 24/7.

Need to pay a parking citation?

Log in to the FGCU Parking Portal to access your student account to pay or appeal a parking citation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Are visitors required to have a parking permit?

  • How do you claim a lost or stolen pass?

  • Can I sell my unused permit to a friend?

  • Why did I receive a citation when I was only there for a few minutes?

  • What if I buy a new vehicle?

  • What if I am unable to find parking?

  • Am I allowed to park in restricted/reserved parking areas?

  • Am I allowed to park in the grass?

  • When are citations written?

  • What will happen if I don't pay my parking citations?

Helpful Links

Parking Services regulations, guidelines, and resources can be found throughout the FGCU website. Search keywords in the search field at the top of the page or view our site with more information on getting around campus and official Florida Gulf Coast University Board of Trustees Regulations.

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Contact Details

Parking Services | Contact Us

McTarnaghan Hall Room 120
10501 FGCU Blvd. S, Fort Myers, FL 33965

8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday


Information Booth
Visitors can be issued parking passes, temporary day passes and receive information on parking.
7am-4pm Monday-Friday