SAC Scholarship

Assisting Staff and their Dependents

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) at FGCU has been dedicated to facilitating effective communication between the Staff, the President and the Administration since its created in 2000.

As SAC continues to grow with FGCU, the council decided to not only give back to FGCU staff through professional development opportunities, events, and staff recognition, but also expand employee recognition with the creation of the SAC Scholarship through the FGCU Foundation Scholarship.

SAC is honored and excited to offer a scholarship opportunity to a staff member, or their dependent, for the academic year! The Special Events Committee plans to raise funds for the scholarship during events such as the SAC annual picnic and the Give Where You Live campaign. In 2021 we had such a successful fund drive, for the first time SAC will award TWO $500 fall scholarship. Below is eligibility information, which is also posted on the Scholarships page of the Foundation website.


Previous Scholarship Recipients

Name Year received thank you letter
Wheatly Dorsainvil 2021-2022 Letter
Kevin Vicens 2021-2022 Letter
Elizabeth Longwell 2020-2021 Letter
Hannah Burdge 2019-2020 Letter
Erica Krueger 2018-2019 Letter
Jessica Lennox 2017-2018 Letter
Renee Deneweth 2016-2017 Letter 
Kelsey Wilkinson 2015-2016 Letter



  • Qualified candidates will be full-time FGCU staff members and their dependents. Recipients must be degree-seeking, carry at least half-time enrollment per semester, and maintain at minimum a cumulative 3.4 GPA.  

  • Preference will be given to employees of the University.

Foundation Scholarships Application