Executive Branch

Leading the way

Student Body President Josh Ballin and Student Body Vice President Kayla Reiter lead the charge in providing an intellectual, social, and cultural university environment that maximizes student potential and enhances student success. 

Josh Ballin
Student Body President
Office: Cohen Center - 271    
Kayla Reiter
Student Body Vice President  
Office: Cohen Center - 271    
E-mail: sgvp@fgcu.edu
Ted Michel
Student Body Treasurer  
Photo of Michael
Chief of Staff  
Megan Kelly
Director of Governmental Relations  
E-mail: sggov@fgcu.edu 
Thelma Sanchez
Director of Academic Affairs  
Jessi Drummond
Director of Equity and Equality  
E-mail: jdrummond@fgcu.edu 
Duran Cameron
Director of Student Experiences  
E-mail: sgse@fgcu.edu 
Jaimes Veneziale
Director of Community Relations  
E-mail: sgco@fgcu.edu 
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Director of Campus Projects