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  • Andrea Askowitz and Allison Langer: Writing Class Radio’s Top Tips

  • Kevin Aho, Steve Almond, and Darin Strauss: Researching Their Latest Books

  • Lynne Barrett, Joe Clifford, and M.J. Fievre: Anthologies

  • Andrea Askowitz, Jenna Blum, and Allison Langer: Creating Community Through Literature

  • Lisa Gallagher & Christopher Schelling: Literary Agents

  • Mahogany L. Browne, Denise Duhamel, Didi Jackson, & Major Jackson: Poetry and Beyond 

  • John Dufresne and Beth Ann Fennelly: Flash Narrative

  • Lynne Barrett, Ron Cooper, and Tod Goldberg (moderated by Hank Phillippi Ryan): The Secrets of Suspense -- Whether You Write Crime Fiction or Not!

  • Ike Reilly, in concert.

  • Jenna Blum & Pam Houston: A Keynote Conversation


  • Beth Ann Fennelly, Major Jackson & Denise Duhamel: Unpacking a Poem

  • Julianna Baggott & Benjamin Percy: Writing in Different Genres

  • Andrea Askowitz & Allison Langer: Write Your True Story with Writing Class Radio 

  • Lynne Barrett, Denise Duhamel & Beth Ann Fennelly: Will They Believe You?: Speaking the Unspeakable

  • Julia Livshin & Christopher Schelling: You Had Me at "Dear Sirs": What Agents Want ... and Don't Want

  • Jenna Blum & Honorée Fanonne Jeffers: Publishing in the Age of Covid

  • Mahogany L. Browne & M.J. Fievre: Writing About Resilience and Empowerment

  • Steve Almond, John Dufresne, Tod Goldberg & Darin Strauss: The Long & The Short Of It: Writing Novels & Stories … And Stories About Both


  • Andrea Askowitz & Allison Langer: How to Tell Your True, Personal Story

  • Steve Almond & Jenna Blum: Writing as Activism

  • Erin Almond & Tom DeMarchi : Publishing Your Debut

  • Mahogany L. Browne & Brian Turner: Poetry

  • Lisa Gallagher & Christopher Schelling: This Literary Agent Life

  • Tod Goldberg & Darin Strauss: Two Funny Guys Saying Funny Things About Writing That's Sometimes Funny But Not Always

  • Christina Baker Kline & Joyce Maynard: In Conversation

  • Jenna Blum & Ron MacLean: Creating Literary Community

  • Lynne Barrett, Joe Clifford, & Steven Womack: Plot

  • Camille Dungy & Jeffrey Thomson: Draw the Line: Poetry and Nonfiction

  • Tom DeMarchi, John Dufresne, & Beth Ann Fennelly: Flash/Micro Narratives

  • Tod Goldberg & John Schimmel: Video Game Narratives

  • Augusten Burroughs & Christopher Schelling: Shiny Things: Distractions as Art

  • Julianna Baggott & Nick Flynn: Writing in Different Genres