Environment & Sustainability

With 400 acres of protected nature and LEED-certified buildings, FGCU is a living environmental lab with sustainability at the core of our mission. Our award-winning initiatives in education, energy production, research and sustainable practices make us one of the nation’s greenest campuses. Even our emerald green and cobalt blue school colors reflect earth and sky.

  • Green Education

  • Green Practices

  • Green Dining

  • Green Research

Boardwalk in University



Saved each year by using efficient chiller plant operations to cool campus


Acres of campus set aside for environmental preservation


Solar powered trash compactors, reducing the frequency of trash pickups


Shape our future while you shape yours

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FGCU is ahead of most universities in terms of environmental education and sustainability, not just in the U.S., but all over the world. ”

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My time at FGCU really shaped my views on why sustainability is important. It’s a way of life. ”

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Protecting the environment and ensuring sustainability aren’t political or economic issues. They are survival issues. ”

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