Threat Assessment & Management Team

Committed to Promoting a Safe and Secure Community

Our team of trained professionals assesses whether individuals pose a violent threat to themselves or others and provides assistance to those in need.

FGCU cultivates a secure community within a supportive and accessible living, learning and working environment. It is standard practice on university campuses to promote safety through a Threat Assessment & Management Team (TAMT) empowered to investigate, assess and manage risks of violence by any troubled community member. The TAMT performs these responsibilities in cooperation with other university personnel, committees and departments.



Assessment Process

The TAMT’s objective is to assess whether individuals pose a violent threat to themselves or others and intervene where necessary, and more generally identify and provide assistance to those in need. The process is not adversarial in nature — it attempts to help people rather than punish them.

The team’s role is to gather information after a threat is reported. This includes questioning others who know the individual involved about whether they have noticed, heard or been told anything about the person that seems out of the ordinary, troubling or concerning.

Reporting Threats

Campus safety is enhanced through community members identifying behaviors of concern and reporting concerns in a timely manner.  Early identification allows the team to intervene more effectively to address behaviors promptly in the hope of averting violence and maintaining the safety of the community. Reports can be made directly to team members or to supervisors. However, the most effective way is to complete the reporting form accessible from this page. This form is required in order to make an official report and ensures notification to the team. Threats or behaviors that pose an immediate concern for violence should be referred without delay to the University Police Department.

Emergency Situations

If you are experiencing or observing an immediate threatening or violent situation, call UPD at 239-590-1900 or 911. 

Non-Emergency Situations

Everyone is encouraged to report any unusual or threatening behaviors, even if the risk is not perceived as immediately dangerous or imminent. 

Report a concern

Threat Assessment & Management Team

Our team of trained professionals is appointed by the FGCU president. The principles of these guidelines have been established through training as well as current literature and best practices regarding threat assessment. Practices are designed specifically for FGCU with the full authority of the leadership of the institution.

Dr. Jon Brunner
Sr. Director of Counseling and Wellness
Phone: 239-590-7950

Dr. Brian Bakalar (proxy)
Assistnat Director, Consultation and Case Management
Phone: 239-745-4216

Lisa Jones
Associate General Counsel
Phone: 239-745-4264

Dr. Christopher Blakely
Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students, Campus Life
Phone: 239-590-7900

Jim Slapp
Director, Public Safety

Anthony Rispoli (proxy)
Police Captain

Dr. Leigh Taylor
Program Director, Assistant Professor
Phone: 239-590-7826

Dr. Tom Felke (proxy)
Associate Dean, Associate Professor
Phone: 239-590-7841

Dr. Jennifer Hammat
Associate Vice President, Student Engagement
Phone: 239-590-1786

Jana Sabo
Assistant Director, Employee Relations and Employee Development
Phone: 239-590-1422

Hope Dennis (proxy)
Coordinator, Employee Relations
Phone: 239-745-4539