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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will Workday have any impact on people using Clockwork?

  • What systems are NOT moving to Workday?

  • Will there be an Application in Workday to take the place of BDM?

  • If a supervisor wishes to delegate approval for a task to another staff person, does it have to be delegated to only one person? 

  • Are Workday notifications delivered to FGCU email? 

  • When someone leaves the University, will they drop off the Organization Chart?

  • What's the difference between "Deny" and "Send Back"? 

  • How long is Approval history available in Workday?

  • Will Cognos reports be replaced with Workday?

  • How will security and role-based access to Workday features be determined?

  • Can we view class schedules, roster and transcripts? Submit grades? 

  • How will faculty use Workday? 

  • When will Workday Student go live? Will the students have a photo?

  • Will the Profile photo in Workday be mandatory? If so, how will this be managed?

  • Will Workday processes result in a reduction of paperwork for Payroll Liaisons? How will it impact Payroll audit requirements?

  • How do you prevent Check In/Check Out fraud from OPS employees checking in on a mobile device when they are not actually at their workplace? 

  • How do you know if submitted Overtime was approved?

  • Is there a way for a supervisor to approve Overtime in advance (if he/she knows there is an event coming up that will result in Overtime)?

  • If an employee is not allowed to work Overtime, can Workday prevent that? 

  • Will we still need the binders (notebooks) for printed payroll and leave reports? 

  • I have heard that Workday will not be using FOAPALS; this is how we identify our grants, though. What will Workday use to classify each grant? 

  • I have heard that Workday will not be using FOAPALS; this is how we identify our grants, though. What will Workday use to classify each grant? 

  •  If a Budget Amendment requires approval and the Approver is out of the office, can another person approve it? 

  • Are there any changes for creating yearly Standing Orders?

  • What’s the process for buying items from Punchout vendors with Foundation funds?

  • If a Director is out and I'm the Assistant Director, can I manage Time Off for employees that the Director is responsible for? 

  • Will Time Off requested for the future automatically be denied if the employee has not accrued enough Time Off to cover it? 

  • Can approved Sick Time Off be adjusted when an employee returns to work if all the time requested was not utilized? 

  • An employee requests 10 days of Annual Time Off  6 weeks in advance of the dates requested; the Request is approved by Manager, leaving employee with no Time Off balance available. The employee needs to request additional annual Time Off prior to the previously approved Time Off. Will the supervisor have the option to approve the newly requested Time Off and change the last day of the original requested time to Time Off without pay? 

  •  Can we transfer/donate leave hours?

  • Can dependents be added through Workday? 

  • Can I see when other team members will be taking time off?

  • Will OPS employees be terminated automatically at the end of the year?

  • Some OPS employees leave in May and don't return until August. Will on-demand/online training be available for these employees?

  • Do I need to take Workday Training?

  • What courses are offered for Workday training?

  • Do I need to register for Workday training courses?

  • Is Getting Started in Workday a prerequisite for any other courses?

  • Will user guides be available?

  • What if I have still have questions after training?

  • Will specific departmental training be offered?

  • What systems are NOT moving to Workday? 

  • Are Student systems moving to Workday? 

  • After Workday goes live, will I still have access to older data?

  • How do I access Goals in Workday?

  •  Where should my Goals be added in Workday- the Goal box or the Description box? 

  • How do I know what the Due Date is for each of my Goals? 

  • How do I edit my Goals in Workday? 

  • How will I know if my Goals have been successfully submitted? 

  • Can I view my Goals after I submit them? 

  • How will I know when my supervisor has edited and/or approved my Goals? 

Further Questions about Workday

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