Eagles Explore to Soar

Eagles Explore to Soar

Eagles Explore to Soar is a program full of supportive staff and student peer mentors who work with students to find a major that works for them!

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Mission: Eagles Explore to Soar will serve as an ally for students who find themselves needing to pursue a new major/career path. Our mission is to compassionately support students through intentional self, educational, and occupational exploration so that they can make an empowered decision about their future at FGCU

Guiding Principles

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How to Make a Major Decision?

Research tools can help! Awareness is key! In order to make a decision about what major to pursue, it's important to know your own interests, strengths, abilities, and preferences as well as what career trends are happening and what employers are available for the potential professions you are interested in! FGCU offers many tools that can help you build self-awareness and gain external awareness about the realities of various career paths.

How to make a major decision?


Major Exploration 

Exploratory Advising helps students clarify their interests, abilities, and values related to class selection, major exploration and decision making, and curriculum planning.

 MAJOR Exploration 

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Exploratory Advising

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