Key Custodians

Responsibilities and Duties

The Physical Plant Work Management Center includes the office of Building Access which supervises the WMC Lock Shop, WMC Key Records Shop, and the WMC Card Programming Shop. Building Access is responsible for issuing or transferring keys, building core audits, department key audits, scheduling electronic locking & unlocking of academic buildings, programming Eagle ID's for access, vendor & contractor key inventory & audits, maintain custom, specialized database of key holders, keys, access levels, doors, buildings & departments, and training designated Key Custodians. Building Access follows Work Management Center protocol for service and chargeback requests. 

Safety & Security: Proper Use of the Card Readers

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Contact WMC

For work order requests, such as general maintenance, golf cart repairs, key and card reader services, please contact:

Work Management Center

Campus Support Complex, Room 30

(Building 10 on the campus map)