Building Services

Building Services

Florida Gulf Coast University Physical Plant is committed to providing a healthy indoor environment for the occupants of all our buildings that is conducive to learning, while establishing and maintaining a clean, safe, and productive work place. Building Services is a division within Physical Plant responsible for managing the custodial contractor, pest control contractor, moving contractor, pressure washing, waste & recycling management, electronic recycling, and building inspections, ensuring compliance with contract specifications. Building Services follows Work Management Center protocol for service and chargeback requests. 

PDF file: Office & Suite Cleaning Procedures & Expectations

Floor Cleaning Schedule (PDF)

July 2024 Floor Schedule

Summer Cleaning Schedule (PDF)

Summer Break 2024 Daily Cleaning Schedule per Building

May 13, 2024-July 19, 2024 Office Cleaning Schedule

FGCU contracts with cleaning service provider, Grupo Eulen/USSI Clean. Grupo Eulen/USSI is certified as a (OS1) ® Green Certified Program, requiring and implementing employee training through a combination of continuing on-the-job training and formalized class-room sessions which helps Grupo Eulen/USSI employees upgrade their skills on a regular basis.

Grupo Eulen/USSI MSDS

Established as a means to communicate the door-locking preferences for each area, the custodial contractor supplies and uses a color-coded door dot system. Every door will have a color-coded dot on the top left corner of the door frame. Departments do not supply the door dots. Designated department primary and secondary contacts should discuss locking preferences with faculty and staff and provide the information to the Work Management Center. Submit, in any format, a list of the room numbers in the department's assigned area and note the color dot choice.

information on door dots

The door dot System is one of many processes incorporated in USSI’s procedures that will enhance security as well as efficiency. After implementation, if you find the dot does not agree with your locking choice or the dot needs to be updated, please feel free to email Work Management at so we can make the appropriate changes.

If we do not hear from you about a specific door or doors, we will default to the RED DOT or “door to be closed and locked after cleaning." 

Moving Shop uses contracted services, not internal Physical Plant labor. Building Services Coordinator reviews all move requests and makes final decision on whether using "service" move dates or providing an estimate.

PDF files:

Monthly Scheduled Service Moves

Moving Checklist

Surplus Property

Event & Recycling Guide (PDF, 12 pages)

Short Version-Event & Recycling Guide (PDF, 3 pages)

Events may need custodial services, electrical services, directional signage, or other manual labor for event-related tasks. All event-related requests are charged back to the unit or department coordinating the event. Advance notice of at least two weeks is suggested for accommodations & scheduling. 

Preliminary information required for event-related requests:

  1. Name of event, date & time frame
  2. # of attendees expected
  3. Building location & room number(s) reserved (contact Campus Reservations to reserve space on campus)
  4. Notice of food or drinks served
  5. Contact information for event, name, location & phone extension

Outdoor Events

Scenario 1

You have volunteers who come pick up the receptacles from the Campus Support Complex-Warehouse. At the end of the event, volunteers handle the trash to the nearest dumpster and return the receptacles clean and empty at the same location where picked up. In this case, this is a service and there are no charges. Campus Support is building 10 on the campus map

Scenario 2

You have no volunteers. In this case the custodial crew will deliver the receptacles, monitor the trash during the event and return them at the end of the event. This is considered a chargeback and we will need budget approval in order to schedule the services. 

Please contact WMC by email or phone if scheduling an event on campus to discuss or request services, in order to provide a quote and accommodate your request in a timely manner.

Reach out to WMC to request bilingual orange "Waste" stickers and green "Recycling" stickers to use for items left out for pick-up. WMC also has "Do not Clean" door tags in stock. Otherwise, feel free to download and print any of the following signs. Some are bilingual. 

PDF files:

Approved for Entry

Items Left Here Intentionally

Contamination Alert Documentation

Do Not Clean This Room Door Tag

Recycle Smart color logo (English)

Recycle Smart color logo (Spanish)

Recycle Smart brochure (Spanish)

Pest control services for the University are contracted to a private firm, which is on campus every Friday.

The University has developed a contractual pest control service employing a method called "integrated pest management". It provides the large majority of its services on the exterior of the facility with the intent of preventing pest entry. When needed, internal controls will use baiting and spraying. Together, the process limits occupant exposure to pesticides, while maintaining a pest controlled environment.

Upon occasion, (mostly due to food and drinks being consumed in office and classroom areas) interior service is needed. The pest control contractor is on campus every Friday, unless holiday schedules dictate otherwise. If additional services are needed, a Customer Request requesting special attention must be sent to the Work Management Center, and must include a building, room #, and contact information.

Immediate service is not offered.  If your area is in need of immediate pest control, please contact Work Management, and you may obtain a pest control spray to use until further treatment is scheduled on designated days.

In case of emergencies, e.g. fire ants, please contact the Work Management Center at 590-1370 with a building and room location.

Contact WMC

For work order requests, such as general maintenance, golf cart repairs, key and card reader services, pest control, custodial, or event-related requests, please contact:

Work Management Center

Campus Support Complex, Room 30

(Building 10 on the campus map)