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The Accelerated Collegiate Experience is our scholastic program designed for highly motivated high school students.  Learn more about how to begin earning college credits and start your path toward achieving your academic dreams.

Chelsea Atkins

The ACE program has done more than just shape me into the scholar I am today. This experience gave me the guidance, support, and direction I needed to understand my full potential and passions.”

Chelsea Atkins

'18, Software Engineering Major and Physics minor

Prospective ACE applicants must have a 3.0 unweighted and a 3.7 weighted high school GPA at the time of application. Per state statute, homeschool students are exempt from the GPA requirement. 

SAT and/or ACT score minimums must be met at the time of application:


Minimum Total Score: 1100 

Minimum Math Section Score: 500

Minimum Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Section Score: 500

Applicants must meet the total score and section score minimums to be considered for admission. We do not require the Essay component of the SAT.


Minimum Composite Score: 22

Minimum Math Sub-test Score: 19

Minimum English Sub-test Score: 19

Minimum Reading Sub-test Score: 19

Applicants must meet the composite score and sub-test score minimums to be considered for admission. We do not require the Writing portion of the ACT.

Score Reports

When signing up for the SAT or ACT, please select FGCU as one of the schools that you would like your score report sent to. This reduces the amount of time it takes to receive your official scores for review. 

FGCU offers many different undergraduate programs. Visit our Undergraduate Programs List for more information.

The ACE Program offers its diligent students scholarship opportunities upon graduation from the program.



Prior to completing the application steps below, a student should: 
Meet with their high school counselor to discuss eligibility and attend an ACE Public Information Meeting.     

Visit our Admissions Page for all the information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I am a good candidate for the ACE Program?

  • Do I need to attend an ACE Public Information Meeting before I apply?

  • Why is it important to meet with my high school counselor before I apply?

  • Do I need to know what I want to do for my career?

  • Will FGCU accept college credit awarded through other programs?

  •   What is “intake”?

  • May I take part-time dual enrollment at FGCU?

  • May I take FLVS while in the ACE Program?

  • Can I participate in other educational experiences and/or certifications while in ACE.

  • Can I take classes at FGCU during the summer while in ACE?

  • Can I take classes at FGCU during the summer while in ACE if my parents pay the tuition?  

  • Will FGCU faculty and others know that I am in high school?

  • Will I get special treatment because I’m in high school.

  •   What will my schedule look like?

  • I hear that the program is “scholarly.” What does this mean?

  • How would the ACE program assist me in recognizing what high-impact experiences may be available?

  • Am I able to take FGCU Honors College courses?

  • How will I be notified if I am admitted to the ACE program?  

  • If I am not admitted to ACE for my junior year, may I re-apply for my senior year?

  • What is the enrollment process if I am admitted to the ACE Program?

  • Do I have to attend ACE Orientation? What if my parent cannot attend?

  • When and how will my high school receive my grades?  

  • Can I withdraw from a class in which I am not doing well?

  • Can I repeat a course while in the ACE program?

  • How will I be able to meet other ACE students?

  • Can I participate in high school activities?

  • Are there areas of study (major) that I cannot pursue while in the ACE Program?

  • Can I live in campus housing while in the ACE Program?

  • What restrictions will I have as an ACE student?

  • Am I able to earn the A.A. degree?

If you have additional questions, contact:

Name Title Email Phone
Rebecca Jones Director, Early College Programs 239-590-7869

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