Space Reallocation and Request Process

Space Reallocation and Request Process

FGCU Space Committee Request Form

Requests that should be reviewed by the FGCU Space Committee

  • Requests for additional office space that are outside of what a department/college currently occupies.
    • Example: A department currently occupies an office suite on the first floor of Seidler Hall and is hiring 5 new positions that they do not have office space for in their first floor Seidler Hall suite. They would then come to the committee for 5 additional office spaces for these 5 new positions (prior to the positions being posted so a solution can be reached).
  • Upon an office becoming vacant, the office could be reassigned by department within six (6) months if the department has a funded position vacancy and the office would not be included in “open” office space inventory. After six (6) months of office non-assignment, the office space returns to vacant office inventory.
    • If the department does not have a funded position vacancy, the office immediately moves to “open” office space inventory.


  • Requests should be submitted to the Committee by completing the FGCU Space Committee Request Form & sending it to On this form, the requester should provide:
    • A description of their request
    • Preferred completion date of the request 
    • If the request is for office space for a new position(s), the preferred office space that the position(s) would occupy
      • Note 1: The goal is for the requester to provide some preferred solutions to their space needs rather than generically submitting requests to the Committee.
      • Note 2: Departments or programs that are expanding need to identify potential offices that they could utilize before posting and hiring new positions. Or, if there is urgent need, requests should be submitted to the FGCU Space Committee at the time that the position is posted.
    • List of Space(s) that are being vacated (if applicable)
    • Confirmation of funding source if part of a renovation (if applicable)
    • Endorsement from their Vice President to pursue this request – Cabinet makes final approval
  • Once the request is submitted, the Space Inventory Coordinator will process the request by forwarding it to the FGCU Space Committee’s Chair and place it on the agenda of the next scheduled FGCU Space Committee meeting
  • The FGCU Space Committee will review the request and provide a recommendation
    • A quorum must be present for votes to take place. One-half plus one of the total FGCU Space Committee Membership positions filled shall constitute a quorum.
  • The FGCU Space Committee’s recommendation will be sent to the Vice President of Administrative Services and Finance, who will then take the committee’s recommendation to the FGCU President’s Cabinet for their review.
  • The President ‘s Cabinet (or designee) will make the final decision on the space reallocation request.
  • The Vice President of Administrative Services and Finance will inform the FGCU Space Committee of the decision.
  • The FGCU Space Committee will inform the requester of the decision. Appeals can be made to the Vice President of Administrative Services and Finance.