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CLOSED BORDERS: The International Refugee Conference of Évian 1938

International Refugee ConferenceIn September 2018 the Center Director, Dr. Paul Bartrop, attended a symposium in Berlin, Germany, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Évian Conference on refugees. Accompanying the symposium was a major exhibition on the Évian Conference.

The Center for Research on Antisemitism (ZfA) at the Technical University Berlin and the German Resistance Memorial Center have now announced the internet launch of that special exhibition, Closed Borders: The International Refugee Conference of Évian 1938.

In July 1938, representatives of 32 countries met in the fashionable resort of Évian-les-Bains, on the French shore of Lake Geneva, charged with the task of finding a solution to the mass exodus of European Jews triggered by the policies of the Nazi Party. Most participating countries refused to accept additional refugees. The Évian Conference became a symbol of how the international community largely abandoned those German and Austrian Jews who urgently needed refuge. Visit the online resource.

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