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Whitaker Center About Us

About Us

Vision Statement

The Whitaker Center’s vision is one in which all students in K-20 STEM educational environments are actively and collaboratively engaged in inquiry, interdisciplinary learning, and research experiences.

Mission Statement

The Whitaker Center’s mission is to become a comprehensive model of inquiry and innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, serving as a nexus of expertise and leadership for Southwest Florida.  The Whitaker Center takes a systemic approach to enhancing and reforming STEM education by conducting research in STEM teaching and learning; developing innovative curricula, resources, and materials; providing professional development opportunities for educators; developing and supporting programs for students; and building strong community partnerships.


  1. Enhance and foster innovation, interdisciplinary activities, and research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education by providing support to faculty in professional development and scholarly activity related to the Whitaker Center Mission.
  2. Provide expertise in inquiry-based environments that engage students in meaningful science, technology, engineering, and mathematics experiences through support of model undergraduate research activities, specialized academic programs, and student organizations.
  3. Contribute to outreach activities in the local, regional, and national community that promotes public interest and support of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education.
  4. Support K-12 educators in the pursuance of quality learner-centered science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education.
  5. Provide expertise in evaluative services for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics educational endeavors including internal and external research, projects, and initiatives.


If you share a passion for teaching, learning, and/or its scholarship: email, call, or stop by the Whitaker Center for a visit!

If you have an idea you want to explore related to STEM Education, we want to help you realize it.

Here are some areas where we might partner:

  • Measuring student learning and/or teaching effectiveness
  • Publishing research articles on STEM teaching and learning topics
  • Coordinating your STEM education grants
  • Evaluating your STEM education grants
  • Consulting and observing your course design
  • Coordinating K-12 or community outreach efforts
  • Planning other STEM related events