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Creative Courses

Classes you dreamed of here at FGCU...

Whether you are trying to understand your heritage (Genealogy: Exploring Your Roots), develop insight about why superheroes have such a great impact in today’s society (Heroes & Villains: Comic Books & Culture), learn what makes people laugh (The Comedic Lens), or develop the skills to install your own permaculture installation (Permaculture Design, Permaculture & Forest Gardening), Integrated Studies has a course for you.  Each semester the Department of Integrated Studies mounts an exciting collection of Issues based courses that examine important current topics through a variety of lenses.  Students develop critical thinking skills that allow them to see how different perspectives integrate with each other and contribute to a richer understanding of how these diverse points of view converge in real world issues. 

Spring 2019 Courses



Sustainability (Get your Green On!):

Creativity, Sustainability & Diversity (IDS 3332)
Living the Earth Charter (IDS 3304)
Permaculture Design (IDS 3304)
Climate Solution Heros (IDS 3304)
Permaculture & Forest Gardening (IDS 3143)


Entertainment (Study of Superheros):

History Through the Lens of Video Games (IDS 3332)
TV Revolution (IDS 3305)
Heros & Villains; Comic Books & Culture (IDS 3305)
Hogwarts to FGCU (IDS 4901)
The Apocalypse (HUM 1020)
Zombie Culture (HUM 1020)


Writing (The pen is mightier than the sword):

Digital Storytelling (IDS 3332)
Contemplative Writing (IDS 4901)
Storytelling as Healing (IDS 4901)
Justice in Journalism (IDS 4901)
The Post-truth Word (IDS 3305)


Philosophical (Mind-bending):

The Contemplative Life (IDS 3332)
Genealogy: Exploring Your Roots (IDS 3332)
The Comedic Lens (IDS 3332)
Death & Dying (IDS 3332)
Changing Political Dynamics (IDS 3302)
Drug-store Society (IDS 3143) 
Expanding Consciousness (IDS 4901)
Yogic Life (IDS 4901)