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The Integrated Studies BA program empowers students to design individualized, interdisciplinary degree paths to achieve their personal, professional, and civic goals. Core courses blend knowledge and methods from various fields, fostering a comprehensive approach to critical thinking and problem-solving. Moreover, the Integrated Studies curriculum and affiliated program initiatives encourage students to collaborate with partners on campus and beyond to address complex environmental and social sustainability issues.


Program Requirements

Complete three core IDS courses and build the rest of your degree from FGCU's catalog of diverse course offerings. 

One IDS "Issues" Course

Approach faculty-selected issues in culture, environment, media, politics, and more from multiple disciplinary perspectives, allowing you to exercise important skills in integrated thinking and problem-solving. 

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IDS 3300 Foundations of Civic Engagement

Collaborate with students from across FGCU's academic programs to design and execute a community-based service project.


IDS 4910 Integrated Studies Senior Seminar

Cap off your Integrated Studies experience with a senior project demonstrating your mastery of integrated thinking and problem-solving. 


18 Credits From At Least 3 Disciplines

Select courses from across FGCU's programs to build a degree path that makes sense for you.

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