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Industry Diversification Project

IDP Resources

The Regional Economic Research Institute first developed the Industry Diversification Index in Spring of 2016 and updates it on a quarterly basis.

Researchers and academics are encouraged to contact the RERI to request access to the data for use in academic studies and modeling.  The IDI begins in 1990 and is computed for each Florida metropolitan statistical area, each Florida workforce region, and each U.S. state.  Upon request, the RERI will compute it for any MSA in the United States.

Its use in the academic literature as well as its mention in the popular press will be listed on this page.


  • Florida Scorecard
    The Florida Scorecard, a website maintained by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, provides key metrics to the viewer that are important to the Florida economy for both today and in the future.  The FGCU IDI was recently added to the Florida Scorecard, under the innovation and economic development section.
  • Collier County Office of Business and Economic Development
    The Collier County Office of Business and Economic Development provides economic and demographic data relating to Collier County.  The FGCU Industry Diversification Report is featured on their website.


Research, Articles, and Presentations

  • Industry Diversity
    October 2017 | The Fort-Myers Florida Weekly wrote a story about the latest FGCU IDI results for the first quarter of 2017, with commentary from various local leaders in the Southwest Florida community.
  • Collier's workforce diverse, but issue complex
    January 2017 | The News-Press wrote a story about the industrial diversification for Collier County, and the outlook for the county as a result.  The FGCU IDI is referenced multiple times in the article.
  • For Sustainable Growth, State Needs to Diversify
    January 2017 | Dr. Christopher Westley, professor of economics at Florida Gulf Coast University and director of the Regional Economic Research Institute, wrote an article about the connection between economic growth and industry diversification.  Dr. Westley references the FGCU IDI in the article.
  • Jobs Galore
    November 2016 | The Business Observer, a weekly newspaper published for the Gulf Coast of Florida, published an article featuring highlights on a discussion with Dr. Jerry Parrish, the chief economist for the Florida Chamber Foundation.  The FGCU IDI is among the various pieces of data cited by Dr. Parrish in the article.
  • What’s the Headline? Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
    October 2016 | SRQ Magazine, a monthly magazine published for Sarasota, Manatee, and the Gulf Keys, published an article detailing an upcoming job fair for the local economy.  The author, Mark Pritchett, spoke with Dr. Jerry Parrish, the chief economist for the Florida Chamber Foundation, about the lack of diversity in the Sarasota economy.  The FGCU IDI was referenced by Dr. Parrish when speaking on the subject.
  • Florida’s Bottom Line, Fall Edition 2016
    Fall 2016 | Florida’s Bottom Line is Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater’s quarterly economic magazine, providing the reader with the latest news and analysis for Florida’s economic and financial health.  The FGCU IDI was mentioned in the Fall 2016 edition of Florida’s Bottom Line.
  • Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce
    August 2016 | Florida Chamber President/CEO Mark Wilson addressed past Chairs of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors in August, providing research and insight on the local economy in Alachua County.  Mark Wilson utilized the FGCU IDI as part of his presentation to his audience to illustrate the industry diversification found in the MSA containing Alachua County.