International Students

International Services Assistance:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate F-1 International Students
  • J-1 visa Exchange Visitor Students (including sponsored students)
  • Visiting Scholars
  • J-1 visa Interns

Establish Information for Your Needs

  • Campus health insurance
  • Campus Health and Wellness Center
  • Institutional risk management office
  • Community health centers and hospitals

In Case of an Emergency:

  • Have your passport or other identification documention with you in case you need to provide information to shelter or law enforcement.
  • Contact the Office of International Services to regularly update emergency contact information, if a change is needed.
  • Contact International Services if you have any questions relating to campus closure, return to your home country, or financial hardship related to an emergency.

Timothy Gjini

Associate Director,

International Services

Reed Hall 121

 (239) 590-7690

Did You Know?

It is the sudent's responsibility to direct family to FGCU Official Communication. Thankfully, we have the RAVE Guardian App!

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