Alerts & Notifications Systems

Campuswide Alert and Notification Systems

Communications Type Features

RAVE Alert

Notifies faculty, staff, students, and registering visitors of critical information through text messages, FGCU email, social media and other platforms. 

Check Gulfline to confirm that your contact information is current or you will not receive these alerts.  Updates may be made in the Gulfline pop-up screen or with the Department of Records & Registration (students) or Human Resources (faculty and staff). 

Guardian Eagle through RAVE app

A FREE app that provides two way communication with University Police Dispatch.  Receive alerts directly on your cell phone as well as the following features.

  1. Chat and send photos to University Police Dispatch in real time - Users can choose to send the information anonymously. 
  2. Safety Timer - Users can set an estimated time to arrive at their destination and choose either the University Police or a Contact to be their Guardian.  If the timer is not deactivated before the set time, the Guardian will be notified. An alarm will sound at University Dispatch and your location is identified on a campus map when the University Police Department if chosen as the guardian.
  3. Call University Police with the touch of a button.  An alarm will sound at University Police Dispatch and your location is identified on a campus map. 
  4. Call 911 with the touch of a button.  An alarm will sound at University Police Dispatch and your location is identified on a campus map. 
  5. Add up to two additional mobile phone numbers and two additional email addresses to receive RAVE alerts. 

rave guardian app

Lynx Icon Pro

Sends custom, event specific messages to all networked campus office and classroom podium computers. The message overrides other computer settings to display until the user clears it.

Use keyboard to notify University Dispatch of an emergency.  If possible, also call 239-590-1900 or ext. 1900 to describe the nature of the event. 

Email Blast Sends email directly to all faculty, staff, and student FGCU email addresses.  Recipients do not need to preregister but must actively check their account to receive information.
Emergency Siren

As Part of the FGCU Alert System, the University has an outdoor warning siren for the main academic core of campus.

The siren is designed to be heard outdoors only. It is not intended to be heard within buildings. Although the primary purpose is the academic core, it is possible the siren will be heard in North Lake Village and South Village.

In the event of an emergency which threatens the safety of persons outdoors, the University may sound the siren. The alert tones are very loud and distinct and should be easily heard by anyone who is outdoors within the academic core.

Regardless of the reason for the siren, the course of action to be taken is to seek shelter in the nearest building and seek further information from other FGCU Alert components: text messaging, e-mails, FGCU homepage, RAVE Guardian App.

Examples of events which the siren may be activated include:

    • Weather Emergencies
    •           Tornado Warning
    • Other emergencies:
    •             Dangerous Situations
                  Hazardous Conditions
    • Administrative
    •             Testing- will be proceeded by text and e-mail announcement

Not all FGCU Alerts will require the use of the siren. The siren will be activated when the best course of action is for community members to seek shelter.

Law enforcement actions, such as the response to an active assailant, may or may not necessitate the sounding of the siren. Use of the siren or other components of the FGCU Alert System during any law enforcement activity will be at the direction of University Police.

FGCU Website Has the ability to allow emergency notifications and customized information to be quickly placed on the homepage.  Other location are the Emergency Management and University Police web pages. 
Social Media FGCU maintains accounts on multiple platforms. These platforms are familiar and accessible to people with disabilities or who prefer alternate languages.
Local Fire Alarms Used to notify building occupants of fire or other urgent need to evacuate a specific building. Fire alarms typically include audio and visual components.
WGCU Public Radio and Television Tune into a traditional radio at WGCU 90.1 FM or ListenLive at For mobile devices, the best option to listen and watch WGCU TV is the free WGCU app available for iOS and Android. In addition, the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network app Florida Storms is free, available for iOS, and Android. This has a wealth of localized forecasting, evacuation and shelter information.
Code Blue Poles Located in a variety of locations throughout campus - directly dials University Police Dispatch.
University Police Dispatch Call University Police Dispatch at 239-590-1900 or ext. 1900.