Events in conjuction with "Fight for the Ballot: Voting Rights in the 20th Century."

Due to COVID-19, events were planned and held virtually. Below are the recordings of these events for viewing purposes. 

For an in-depth talk about the exhibition, be sure to listen to WGCU's John Davis interview the exhibition's curators, Melissa VandeBurgt, Bailey Rodgers, and Kinsey Brown. LISTEN HERE


Jarrett Eady Presents The Black Experience in Lee County Post 1960

On March 9th, 2021, Jarrett Eady presented a chronology of Black history in Lee County beginning after 1960.

A Conversation with Audrea Anderson and Jacquelyn McMiller on Politics, Mentorship, and Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders 

On February 25th, 2021, community leaders Audrea Anderson and Jacquelyn sat down to have a conversation on politics, mentorship, and inspirting the next generation of leaders.

Jarrett Eady Presents The Black Experience in Lee County 1900-1960

On February 11th, 2021, Jarrett Eady presented a chronological history of Black history in the Lee County area. 

"Did Susan B. Anthony Need A Pardon Women’s Suffrage, Personhood, and Race in the 19th Century."

On September 23rd, curator Bailey Rodgers and Assistant Professor in the Department of Language and Literature, Dr. Jordan Von Cannon, sat down and talked about the Women's Suffrage, personhood, and race 19th century.

"The Right to Vote- Under Attack Again!" 

Legal experts C. Ronald Ellington, Howard Simon, and Jennifer Scuteri discussed voter supperssion, gerrymandering, and the impact of elections on October 8th. The event was moderated by WGCU's John Davis. 

"Voices for Women's Suffrage."

"Voices for Women’s Suffrage" is a dramatic reading that brings to life the struggles and challenges the heroes of the women’s movement faced. Women as well as men, white as well as Black, heroes as well as heretofore unsung heroes share a view of 19th and early 20th Century protests and demonstrations that reveal their passionately patriotic quest for women’s right to vote.

This event is in conjunction with the Sanibel League of Women Voters and with Dr. Frances Davey, professor of History at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Elaine Weiss Talk to League of Women Voters Sanibel

A virtual conversation with Elaine Weiss, the author of The Woman's Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote. 

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