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Call for Applications for Lucas Faculty Fellows for 2020-21

April 15, 2020  / Nick Lumia  / Tags: Lucas Center, service, adjunct, writing, fellows, faculty

The Lucas Faculty Fellows program has been developed to encourage highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty to support and advance the professional development of their colleagues at FGCU. Faculty Fellows enhance the effectiveness of the Lucas Center for Faculty Development as a hub for the ongoing enrichment of faculty skills in teaching, research, and service to the university community.

Up to four (4) Faculty Fellows will each receive an overload payment of $3600 in exchange for a commitment to provide individual services and group programs (e.g., workshops, facilitating an ongoing project group) to their faculty peers for one academic year under the supervision of the Lucas Center director. Fellows will be eligible to apply for a second year’s fellowship to continue and extend their work, after which they are ineligible for one year.

The Lucas Center Director and Division of Academic Affairs especially welcome for the 2020-21 academic year applicants with proposed projects in the following areas:

  • Support for scholarly writing productivity. (Recognizing that scholarly work varies greatly across disciplines, the Lucas Center may grant more than one fellowship in this area.)
  • Strategies for improving outcomes in high D, F, W courses.
  • Adjunct support and enrichment (The Lucas Center will award at least one fellowship to an adjunct instructor who teaches consistently at the university and who proposes a plan for a) identifying adjunct-specific professional development needs and b) creating programming to meet those needs.)

The selection committee will also welcome and seriously consider proposals that can enhance the professional development of FGCU faculty in other areas, if applicants can demonstrate faculty interest in and a need for their project.

Responsibilities: Each Lucas Faculty Fellow’s responsibilities will be in large part unique and determined primarily by the contributions of each Fellow’s project to faculty enrichment throughout the university. In addition to fulfilling the terms of their proposed project, all Fellows will meet regularly with the Center Director, serve on the leadership team of the Lucas Center, and, upon the conclusion of their fellowship (May 31, 2021), write a report or white paper documenting their fellowship work and identifying resources for faculty. (If, in consultation with the Lucas Center director, a fellow’s term is extended for a second year, the final report may be deferred to the end of the individual’s fellowship.)

Eligibility: All full-time faculty in good standing are eligible to apply. Also eligible are adjunct instructors with at least two consecutive semesters of teaching at FGCU. Candidates should have a demonstrated record of outstanding teaching. 

Applications: Applicants should submit via email (, subject line: Lucas Fellow application) an abridged CV (no more than 4 pages) and a cover letter stating: 1) why you are interested in serving as a faculty fellow, 2) what activities/projects/services you intend to provide to your faculty colleagues, and 3) your qualifications to complete your proposed activities/projects/services, including information about how you will promote your project to faculty. Applications are due June 1, 2020.

Selection: The selection committee consists of the Lucas Center director, assistant director, coordinator, and three members of the Lucas Center leadership team. The committee will select Lucas Faculty Fellows based on each applicant’s qualifications, the thoroughness of the application letter, and the value of the proposed project to the Lucas faculty community. The committee will strive to select fellows with a diverse set of strengths and projects.