Teaching Enhancement Awards

One way the Lucas Center supports scholarly teaching at FGCU is by offering Teaching Enhancement Awards (formerly “Professional Development Awards”) for conference travel, to participate in other professional development activities, or purchase tools designed to enhance the craft of teaching. Applicants will be asked to describe in detail how the award will support their pedagogical practice. For example, applicants might wish to 1) participate in a workshop on a specific teaching strategy to  improve student learning, 2) attend a teaching conference to generate new ideas, 3) present results of a SoTL project at a pedagogy conference, 4) purchase software or other tools intended to support teaching and learning (e.g., subscription to polling platforms) or otherwise participate in an activity intended to enhance teaching and learning.

Eligibility: Full-time faculty members may apply for up to $1,000 in funding.

Additional i
nformation and application links will be sent out via email. For planning purposes, the cycles are as follows:

Summer Cycle* Fall Cycle Spring Cycle

Application Opens:  May 1st

Application Closes: May 31st

Application Opens: August 1st

Application Closes: August 31st

Application Opens: January 2nd

Application Closes: January 31st

*Important Note: All funds awarded during the summer application cycle will not be available in your department budget until July 15th.