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Professional Development Awards


One way the Lucas Center supports teaching, scholarship, and service at FGCU is by offering Professional Development Awards for faculty to attend and/or present at conferences or to participate in other professional development activities (in person or virtual) that enhance their professional skills and knowledge.  Applicants will be asked to describe how the award will contribute to their success in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and/or service. In addition, applicants will be asked to describe how their participation in the requested activity aligns with the mission and/or goals of the Lucas Center for Faculty Development (see below).  Priority will be given to faculty who have had papers/abstracts accepted for presentation and to those who make the most persuasive case for the impact the proposed activity will have on their professional development.

Eligibility: Full time faculty members may apply for up to $750 in funding.

Additional i
nformation and application links for 2022-2023 grants will be sent out via email. For planning purposes, the cycles are as follows:

  • Summer Cycle – for travel occurring between June 1 and September 30
    • Important Note: Due to the fiscal year and budget processes, all Lucas Center award funding for opportunities taking place within the month of June must be reimbursed on or after July 1.
  • Fall Cycle – for travel occurring between October 1 and January 31
  • Spring Cycle – for travel occurring between February 1 and May 31

Student-Faculty Enrichment Support Program


Information coming soon