Student Faculty Enrichment Support Program


We at the Lucas Center believe that faculty and students are mutually enriched through interaction and collaboration that extends beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom. To encourage and support creative student-faculty collaborations and interactive experiences that promote student success and enrich student-faculty relationships, The Lucas Center for Faculty Development is piloting a program to provide financial support for faculty who are engaged in activities with students for which funding has traditionally been difficult to obtain. For example, to enhance a classroom experience or mentoring relationship, faculty may wish to take students to a cultural event such as a play, concert, or art exhibit. Or, they may want to provide students with a creative cultural experience (e.g., food, music, film) as part of a class or as a supplement to the classroom experience. Faculty can now apply to the Student-Faculty Enrichment Support Program to fund such an outing or activity.


Requests up to $1000 will be considered on a rolling basis; however, funds are limited, and we encourage faculty to apply for smaller amounts so that as many students and faculty as possible can benefit. Individuals can apply twice per semester. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks before the activity. Once approved, faculty are asked to pay for the activity up front (e.g., purchase tickets, buy food) and then submit receipts for reimbursement. (The source of funds for this program precludes us from funding activities in advance. Faculty will be reimbursed within two weeks of submitting their receipts.) Students cannot be reimbursed directly through this program. Prior to being reimbursed, faculty must submit a statement (+/ 250 words) explaining the benefits to students and the impact of the activity on student-faculty relationships.


Information for 2021-2022 grants will be sent out via email. For planning purposes, the cycles are as follows:

  • Summer cycle – for travel occurring between July 1 and September 30
  • Winter cycle – for travel occurring between October 1 and January 31
  • Spring cycle – for travel occurring between February 1 and June 30