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The Office of Scholarly Innovation & Student Research supports hands-on experiences through research, employment opportunities, and various academic awards to facilitate student and faculty learning within any discipline.


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FGCUScholarly Newsletter 

The FGCUScholarly Newsletter informs readers about societal topics (e.g. systemic racism & climate change) and annual celebrations (e.g. Pride & Indigenous Heritage month) through a scholarly lens by highlighting relevant work done by FGCU faculty, students, and alumni. The result is a publication that seeks to educate and engage students in topics they care about through the scholarly work being conducted on campus.




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Quality Enhancement Plan   

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), which ran from 2015-2020, sought to advance the skills of writing, critical thinking, and information literacy within majors and thus create a culture of inquiry that begins in the first year with Composition and concludes in the senior year with the Capstone course. You can also check out our QEP Archive. 





Research & Sponsored Programs

The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) manages sponsored projects which are raising the scholarship and research profile of the institution





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