Undergraduate Research Badge

Undergraduate Research Badge


Undergraduate research is a mentored investigation or creative inquiry conducted by students seeking to make scholarly or artistic contributions to knowledge. The Undergraduate Research Badge recognizes this value. To earn the badge, a student must meet the following objectives:

  • Identify personal motivation(s) for pursuing undergraduate/graduate research and how it will benefit long-term academic and professional goals
  • Design a scholarly research project from start to finish
  • Critically analyze the project and synthesize ideas
  • Utilize constructive critique and demonstrate problem-solving through challenges
  • Interpret evidence to inform thoughts about a project and refine ideas based on supportive and contradictory evidence
  • Disseminate research at conferences and in publication
  • Apply Transferable Skills of verbal and written communication, resiliency, collaboration, teamwork, analytical reasoning, quantitative literacy, information / digital literacy, ethics, compliance

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