Student Financial, Enrollment & Business Services

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The Student Financial, Enrollment & Business Services unit is committed to student success by delivering seamless, efficient, and timely financial aid, scholarships, enrollment and business services to all students using innovative technology and the highest level of customer service.

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Led by Jorge Lopez, the Enrollment Services Center provides a single point of professional and integrated financial, enrollment and business services to all students. Our team is empowered to engage and serve every student while seeking to create opportunities for success at Florida Gulf Coast University.


Student Financial, Enrollment & Business Services supports the following areas:

  • Enrollment Services Center

  • Financial Aid

  • Scholarships

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A rocket is nothing without its engine. The financial aid team was the force that I needed to reach new heights throughout my college career. Their office guided me through the turbulence, and the rest is history.

Chad Moran '18


Scholarships at FGCU: Sesar Lorenzo Valle



Staff Directory

Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Casey, Brian
Director, Financial Aid Policy & Compliance
MCT 0103
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Gonzalez, Michelle
Director, Enrollment Services Center
MCT 0105
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Hartley, Victoria
Associate Director, Financial Aid Operations
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Dalton, Betsy
Administrative Assistant II







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