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Student Engagement

Providing Engaging Experiences and Supportive Opportunities for Our Students To Thrive on and Off Campus.

We have a responsive team that is dedicated to the individual needs for each student. We also work to support and advocate for the diverse of our student body. Our staff are fully committed to the personal growth of our students to help maximize their success while attending FGCU.

Jennifer Hammat Profile Photo

Under the leadership of Dr. Jennifer Hammat, the Student Engagement unit provides a wide array of intentional experiences designed to engage the student and connect them to the university community.  Additionally, Student Engagement provides compassionate care and support and promotes a culture of health and well-being for our students.



Student Engagement Supports
The Following Areas:

Photo of Casandra Sanchez
They were the best support I had during a difficult time in my life. Received great advice and ways I can best handle what I was going through, but I was only able to become better if I was willing to put in the work.

Casandra Sanchez


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Staff Directory

Photo of Cherise Schmitt
Cherise Schmitt
Director, Student Health Services
Office: Student Engagement
Phone: 239-590-7447
Photo of Christopher Blakely
Christopher Blakely
Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students, Campus Life
Office: Student Engagement
Phone: 239-590-7991
Photo of Jameson Moschella
Jameson Moschella
Assistant Vice President, University Housing
Office: Student Engagement
Phone: 239-590-1705
Suzanne Ries
Suzanne Ries
Senior Director, University Recreation & Wellness & Wellness
Office: Student Engagement
Phone: 239-590-7936
Nikki Kirdahy
Nikki Kirdahy
Director, Prevention & Wellness
Office: Student Engagement
Phone: 239-745-4218