FSL Second Year Experience

Second Year Experience - Retention Focused Curriculum within Fraternity & Sorority Life

Launched in the Fall of 2022, Second Year Experience aims to increase retention rates within fraternities and sororities while helping members in their second-year of membership increase their sense of belonging and create connections outside of their own organizations.

Learning goals for Second Year Experience include the following:

  • Recognize the value that the member has within their organization, and the impact that they can make on other members within said organization.
  • Develop and apply best practices in leadership dynamics, relationship building, critical thinking, and collaborative programming, to best set the members up to take on future leadership roles within their organizations and councils.
  • Create an ongoing sense of purpose for those members that are in their second year of membership in a fraternity or sorority in order to create a values-centric community that fosters the ideals of their organizations and councils.
  • Identify organizational and campus stakeholders that can support the expectations and visions set by the members, and help the organization progress in their initiatives.
  • Develop and strengthen cross-community connections for the members and organizations to allow for stronger relationships and more collaboration.
  • Increase organizational retention levels within the Fraternity & Sorority Life community to develop healthy organizations that strive to accomplish their mission and purpose.

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Second Year Experience Frequently Asked Questions

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