SWFL Regional Resiliency Coalition

The Southwest Florida Regional Resiliency Coalition

The Coalition unites county and municipal governments (within the counties of Charlotte, Lee, and Collier) with natural and cultural resource managers to analyze the region’s vulnerability to the effects of climate change (e.g., sea-level rise, storminess, warming, extremes in precipitation), and to adaptively plan for or mitigate its consequences through the identification and implementation of best practices. The Coalition is further committed to engaging the public through education and participation in the decision-making process.

Collier Coastal DunesAll these efforts are necessary to preserve the quality of life and the economic prosperity of our region as we proceed through this century and beyond. Collaboration across the region conserves resources, provides greater diversity of expertise and experience, enhances competitiveness for private and public funding, and generates a united voice for affecting policy and legislative action at higher governmental levels.

The local governments and agencies included in this Coalition share a common geographic and biogeographic region with: (1) comparable ecosystem services (e.g., need for potable water, managing storm and fresh water inundation, shoreline protection, comparable green infrastructure); (2) similar regulatory services (e.g., coastal erosion control, flood control, water quality); (3) comparable demographics, with a seasonal and older population; and (4) similar cultural and social services (e.g., sense of place, eco-based tourism economy).

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