College of Arts & Sciences Advising

The CAS & Water School Advising Office provides academic advising for all students within these majors/programs so they may achieve academic success.

We work with First-Time In College (following their transition from Exploratory Advising) and Transfer students.

(239) 590-7196

Location: Seidler Hall Room 109






We Provide Advising Services Through:

Advising Appointments

Students may schedule an advising appointment online at or by calling CAS Advising at (239) 590-7196. Scheduled appointments are best utilized for advising assistance that requires significant time for discussion and planning. Our appointments are 30-minutes. 

Quick Question (Drop-in) Advising

Drop-in advising is available throughout the semester for quick registration questions or issues on Wednesday's from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m (we stop signing in new students at 1:30 p.m.).  Quick Question advising is best utilized for questions and issues that may be resolved quickly (typically 10-15 minutes). 


Students may email their advising area for assistance with general advising questions or concerns. 


Students may call the main phone line at (239) 590-7196 for assistance with scheduling an advising appointment, holds  


Virtual appointments can be held via Zoom or Teams

The following services are available to students:

  • One-on-one advising by appointment
  • Academic advising and program information for majors and minors
  • Degree completion/graduation checks
  • Orientation sessions for new students within the College of Arts & SciencesCAS Graduation
  • Registration and drop/add information
  • Evaluation of academic transcripts and review of articulation of transfer credits
  • Referral to faculty mentors for career and professional school advising
  • Referrals for internship and research opportunities
  • Maintenance of academic advising records
  • Certification of graduation requirements
  • Information regarding the transient enrollment process

Meet the Advising Teams

Director of CAS Academic Advising

Vonetta Hardy
Vonetta E. Hardy
Director of CAS Academic Advising
Office: SH 109
Phone: 239-590-7196

Administrative Specialist

Shannon Rozes
Shannon Rozes
Administrative Specialist
Office: SH 109
Phone: 239-590-7196

Team Arts & Humanities

Patti Kirk
Team Leader, Arts & Humanities, Academic Advisor III
Office: MH 173
Phone: 239-745-4261
Julie Alter Key
Academic Advisor III
Office: MH 181
Phone: 239-590-7477
Barbara Dietter
Academic Advisor III
Office: MH 175
Phone: 239-590-7434

Team Natural Sciences

Dr. Locksley Knibbs
Team Leader Natural Sciences, Academic Advisor II
Office: SH 109
Phone: 239-590-1424
Rodney Dennison
Academic Advisor III
Office: MH 180
Phone: 239-745-4260
Joshua Fortin
Joshua Fortin
Student Success Counselor
Office: SH 109
Phone: 239-590-7308
Roger Smithson
Academic Advisor II
Office: SH 109
Phone: 239-590-7203

Team Social Sciences

Colleen Peters
Student Success Counseling Specialist 
Office: SH 109
Phone: 239-590-7412
Brooke Siegal
Brooke Siegal
Student Success Counselor
Office: SH 109
Phone: 239-590-7002
Stephanie Soto
Stephanie Soto 
Sr. Student Success Counselor
Office: SH 109
Phone: 239-590-7120
Imani Williams
Imani Williams
Student Success Counselor
Office: SH 109
Phone: 239-745-4424

  • Contact Your Advisor

  • Orientations

  • Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Forms

  • Curriculum Maps


  • How should I select the classes I need to schedule each semester?

  • I want to take a course at another institution and make sure the credits will count toward my degree. What should I do?

  • I want to take a class that is closed. What do I do?

  •  I cannot register because there is a hold on my record. What do I do?

  •  When should I register for classes?

  • Do I need a “C” or better in the courses in my major?

  •  How can I check my degree evaluation?

  •  What should I do as I near graduation?

  • What is the Excess Hours Surcharge?