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Empowering and engaging students who serve

FGCU is committed to easing your transition from the military to the academic environment and to enhancing awareness, understanding and respect of veterans on campus and in the community.

From admission to orientation to graduation, we work closely with students who have served. We ensure you have the guidance and resources to help you excel academically, personally and professionally. We also strive to foster meaningful connections and a rich college experience by encouraging  engagement in the classroom, in student organizations and in social opportunities.

Valuing the contributions, needs and perspectives of our veterans, FGCU established the Veterans Support Committee to advocate for services and opportunities that empower Americans who served our country and continue their education here. A diverse group representing students, faculty and administration, the committee is guided by the interests of student veterans and welcomes your questions and suggestions. 

Plan ahead “Veteran” colloquium section spring 2021

We want to hear from you if you have taken the FGCU colloquium course. We are planning to implement a “Veteran” section for colloquium spring 2021 and want to get your feedback.
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Veteran Resources

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When you support FGCU, your gifts help to shape lives and create opportunities that impact veterans and generations to come. Please designate veteran support on the giving form.

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Veteran Support

The FGCU Veteran Support Committee focuses on veteran reintegration into higher education

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Veteran's Golf Tournament

Gallery & Event Spotlight

Enjoy a few pictures from the golf tournament and see smiling faces from fellow FGCU Eagles.


So we do have a code you’ll be able to use. It is FGCUVSC. It is for $20 off.

 And we do have a team they can register for  The team is called FGCU VETERANS.

Just hit “join a team” and the FGCU VETERANS group will pop up!


For More Information Visit Run To Home Base



Meet Kyle Poorman

Kyle Poorman

From my first interaction with FGCU and the Veteran Support Committee, to now nearing graduation, I've developed relationships and a reliance in the Veteran Support Committee. As a developing professional, I've been treated with the utmost care and have been helped to feel important at FGCU from the veteran support team.”

Kyle Poorman



Thank You from Dr. Martin

Photo of Dr. MartinI want to provide to you my heartfelt thanks for your military service and as well as to wish you a warm welcome to The Nest! Veterans have a special place here at FGCU. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Florida Gulf Coast University and encourage you to participate in the Veterans’ Orientation Lunch during Eagle View Orientation (EVO) events. At FGCU we appreciate that Veterans come from a variety of backgrounds, have a wealth of experiences and do not at all fit the typical college student mold. We recognize that many Veterans have families, are older than typical college students, many live off campus and hold part-time or full time jobs. Changing careers can be a stressful event in the best of times. We believe that our mission is to provide you with the best services to give you the tools for a successful transition to university life. 

The Veteran specific breakout session will offer you the opportunity to meet fellow student Veterans, faculty, and staff. This will also be an opportunity to network and speak with representatives of the Veteran Support Organizations; including the Students Who Serve (SWS), Lee County Human & Veteran Services; Home Base program, and Military Officer of America Association. We are all dedicated to providing Veterans with the best resources to support you on your education mission.
Participating in the Veterans’ breakout session is an excellent opportunity to learn more about FGCU while we have an opportunity to get to know more about you. Thank you for your service to our country and allow us to show you our appreciations by joining us.
Dr. Michael Martin, Ph. D.
University President

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Meet Lawrence Waters


This  event was spectacularly run, it went incredibly smooth, it was a beautiful course, that I otherwise would not get to play on a student budget, and the hospitality that members of the course showed us was above and beyond what would be expected. I appreciate that we were able to bring our significant others, I was able to meet other student veterans which was nice, I’m quite isolated in the Physical Therapy program and its nice to talk to kindred spirits. I honestly don’t think that I can give constructive feedback because I don’t think it could have been better run from my perspective. If theres any way I can support the mission please let me know!   I did talk with two undergraduate veterans, they had never golfed before and so I linked them up with Homebase and told them to seek out the PGA Hope program. Both organizations offer free golf lessons and would love to see some younger veterans as well. Perhaps extending these opportunities out to the student veterans may ease any anxiety of having to golf without knowing the game. I have the point of contact for the South Florida PGA Hope chapter if you need it, I'm sure they would love to support events like this as well. ”

Lawrence Waters