All forms are in .pdf format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Completed Office of Records & Registration forms may be faxed (239-590-7983) or scanned and emailed to or sent directly to Office of Records & Registration staff member most familiar with your request.

Records and Registration Forms

  1. Academic Amnesty Application
  2. Application Form- (AA Degree)
  3. Application to Graduate Form - (Bachelors/Masters/Doctorate)
  4. Authorization to Release Information to a Third Party Form - (FERPA Form)
  5. Change of Address/Email Form
  6. Change of Name/Gender Form 
  7. Course Audit Form
  8. Course Withdrawal Form - (Please use this form to withdraw from a course or courses after the first week of classes and use "Term Withdrawal Form" to withdraw from all classes.)  
  9. Drop and Add Form - (Please use this form up to and during the first week of classes.)
  10. Dual Enrolled - Early Admit Third Party Release Form
  11. Enrollment Certification Form 
  12. Excess Credit Hour Adjustment Form
  13. Fee Adjustment Request Form (Note: Appeals must be submitted within six months after the end of the term for which the refund is requested.) 
  14. Grade Forgiveness Form
  15. Request for Readmission after Academic Dismissal Form
  16. Late Registration Fee Waiver Form 
  17. Request to Prevent Disclosure of "Directory Information" Form
  18. Replacement Diploma Form
  19. Request to Review Records Form 
  20. Request for Reinstatement Form
  21. Request for Change in Residency for Tuition Form 
  22. State Employee Tuition Waiver Form (Non-FGCU Employees)
  23. Senior Citizen (60+) Non-Degree Information Sheet
  24. Senior Citizen (60+) Non-Degree Application Form
  25. Senior Citizen (60+) Tuition Waiver Form
  26. SID Number Change Form 
  27. Term Withdrawal Form - (To withdraw all semester classes or your last remaining course.)
  28. Transcript Request Form
  29. Veteran's Benefits Request Form 
  30. V.A. Students - Promissory Note Form 
  31. V.A. Tuition & Fee Waiver Form 

College Forms

  1. College of Arts and Sciences
  2. College of Education
  3. Marieb College of Health & Human Services
  4. Undergraduate Studies

Financial Aid and Billing Forms

   1. Office of the Bursar (Cashier)
        - FGCU Employee Tuition Voucher
   2. Office of Financial Aid

Student Conduct Forms

  1. Office of Student Conduct