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Skill Builder Sessions

Skill Builder Sessions for Academic Challenges

As part of our mission to help all FGCU students maximize their academic potential, the CAA offers free, practical skill building sessions designed to address challenges, answer questions and share proven solutions.

The Center for Academic Achievement (CAA) offers assistance with time management, mid-term academic check-ins, and preparation for finals. Don't stress - the CAA can help.

Upcoming Events


The CAA and Prevention & Wellness are teaming up to help you reduce academic stress during the compact Summer B session. Enjoy fun, interactive activities and learn important skills to better handle stress this semester and beyond.

The condensed summer schedule can make completing homework more challenging than other semesters. But you don’t have to miss out on summer fun. Learn effective strategies to efficiently complete your homework and enjoy your summer.

Brainstorming is a fun and beneficial academic activity once you know how to do it right. Unlock your inner creativity and learn brainstorming skills to apply to future assignments at this Skill Builder Session.

While there are similarities, demands often differ time between the summer and fall semesters when it comes to managing time. The transition from summer to fall can be especially challenging. Co-presented by the CAA and Prevention & Wellness this Skill Builder Session utilizes interactive activities and practical steps to help ease the transition.

Don’t let a poor exam grade negatively impact your next exam. Learn ways to leave the poor grade behind and not just salvage your grade, but achieve academic success.


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