International Student Health Insurance

FGCU International Student Health Insurance Guide 

Health Insurance is mandatory for international students as required by Florida law. All international F1 and J1 students are required to provide proof of valid health insurance. Students will be automatically enrolled in the university plan or must opt out and provide proof of alternate insurance. If you prefer to purchase health insurance yourself, following is a list of preapproved carriers and plans

  • Each semester, a hold will be placed on student accounts until proof of insurance is provided. (Note: Student Athletes do not need to provide proof of insurance. The Athletic Department will provide student athletes with insurance information.)
  • Students will not be permitted to register for classes or continue enrollment unless they comply with the insurance requirements.
  • Insurance must provide continuous coverage for the entire period the insured is enrolled as an eligible student - including annual breaks and summer sessions during that period. Payment of benefits must be renewable.

Coverage dates must meet one of the following options:

Term Start End 
For most students August 14, 2023 August 18, 2024
Student Graduating in December August 14, 2023 December 21, 2023
Student Graduating in May August 14, 2023 May 9, 2024

Determine which insurance to use:

 Pre-approved Health Insurance Providers

Provider name  Provider website Plans 
MyCare26 FGCU Student Plan (Automatic Enrollment or Opt Out)
Gallagher Student health   Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan
IFS Insurance for Students  Secure or Secure Plus
ISP International Student Protection:  Trail Blazer BASIC or Trail Blazer ELITE
ISO International Student Insurance  Shield for FL System
ISI International Student Insurance  Student Secure - FGC, Select or Elite

* Students opting out of the MyCare26 University plan will still need to create an account to opt out and submit proof of insurance.*

Questions about insurance? Please contact the Global Engagement Office (239) 590-7925