Non-Traditional Admitted Students

Congratulations on Your Acceptance!

We are confident you have made the right choice and look forward to your enrollment in the near future.

Your admissions package contains helpful information about how to prepare for the start of classes. Read the entire package, and refer to the detailed steps and helpful information below for guidance and don't worry, Non-Traditional Admissions is here to help you every step of the way. 

  • Step 1: Claim Your Account

  • Step 2: Submit your Admissions Deposit

  • Step 3: Submit Immunization Records    

  • Step 4: Complete Orientation  

Other Helpful Information

  • Establish your Residency

  • Apply for Financial Aid/Scholarships

  • Access Veteran Benefits

  • Apply for Housing

  • Visit Campus

Here to answer your questions

Jenna Smith
Associate Director, Non-Traditional Admissions
Office: Howard Hall 
Phone: 239-590-7688
Rachel Horowitz
Assistant Director, Non-Traditional Admissions
Office: Howard Hall 
Phone: 239-590-1482

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