FGCU Alert

FGCU continues work on Blue Pole/call box outage. Do not use these devices. In an emergency, dial 911/UPD @ 239-590-1900 or Guardian Eagle App.

Video Share

COVID-19 presents many challenges to our current students. While your experience as a student at FGCU was different, we think your insight could be incredibly helpful during this uncertain time.

We’re hoping you can help us by sending in a motivational video. We’ll combine everything into a longform motivational video.

Here’s what we need (we’re assuming you only have your cell phone with these notes):

  1. Place your camera at eye level horizontally (also known as landscape:
    1. See example.
    2. This could be on a bookshelf if you’re standing or something similar if you’re sitting.
  2. Make sure you are not too far away from the camera. a. You shot should look something like this: 
    1. See example
    2. You need to be in a silent room to ensure the audio quality is decent.
    3. Outside is OK, providing there is absolutely no outside noise.
  3. Introduce yourself with something like:
    1. “Hello, Eagles, I’m [insert name], class of [insert year].
  4. Then, answer this question:
    1. What advice can you offer current students as the deal with coronavirus? Please base this on your experience as an Eagle.
  5. When you’re finished, please upload the video using the form below.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to FGCU’s Kyle McCurry if you have questions.