Everything Becomes Nothing


Everything Becomes Nothing

AMLgMATD, Everything Becomes Nothing (installation detail), 2023

A M L g M A T D

JANUARY 14 - JULY 1, 2023  

Site specific installation in the FGCU Arts Complex courtyard, Mixed media

Everything Becomes Nothing explores the experience of navigating through a lifetime of imagery, absorbing the illustrated information we encounter, and reconstructing the fragments of our collective memory, resulting in a cacophony of visual noise and feelings of nostalgia. Consisting of hundreds of feet of material stretched over the Arts Complex courtyard, the overhead installation creates a visual mix of imagery cropped from vintage Florida fruit and vegetable crate labels that were once a prominent staple of advertising but are now a nonexistent art form with archival importance. Additionally, the displayed imagery relates to the university's location in an area where farms used to grow the nation's produce. 


A M L g M A T Da Miami-based collaborative studio established by Laz Ojalde and Natalie Zlamalova in 2014, experiments in works of art, design objects and environmental installations that reflect their love of unusual and overlooked materials. AMLgMATD’s modus operandi consists of incorporating historical and geographical research into their visual language, playing with the sense of nostalgia, the application of familiar materials onto new forms and unexplored materials into familiar settings while redefining their surroundings. AMLgMATD’s works are collected by private and corporate clients in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, and their WEBSTR stools are available throughout the US in both boutique and museum stores. 


Image: AMLgMATD, Everything Becomes Nothing (installation detail), 2023