Theatre BA

Theatre BA

Theatre BA

Theatre BA

Theatre BA

Theatre BA

Theatre at FGCU is Committed to Train and Educate Future Technicians, Artists, Teachers and Creative Industry Leaders. Our Outstanding Theatre Faculty Are Professional Artists, Scholars, and Teachers Actively Engaged in Research and Creative Work. 

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We are unswerving in our effort to prepare all students for the marketplace of jobs as well as the marketplace of ideas. We draw upon the collaborative traditions of our craft to encourage our students to courageously pursue curiosity and boldly risk discovery.

The Tempest

Theatre at FGCU is also committed to its role within the university. As such, we embrace the humanizing project that has been at the core of the art form for thousands of years. We recognize that we enjoy a unique position in the cultural life of the FGCU community as well as the communities we serve in Southwest Florida. We relish the opportunity to share with our broader constituencies the results of our artistic inquiries into the human condition. 

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