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Program Directors

Tanya Huffman

Tanya Huffman, M.A.
Mrs. Huffman has taught undergraduate level mathematics since 2005. She has developed inquiry-based curriculum materials for introductory statistics and calculus courses and facilitated workshops on developing Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning (POGIL) activities. She coordinates business calculus courses and mentors new faculty. Her classes utilize active learning and technology enhancement - clickers, mobile devices and team-based learning with game play (Math Jeopardy). She is a member of the organizing committee for the undergraduate mathematics conference. She writes High School tests for the FGCU annual mathematics competition and FGCU STEM competition. She is a member of the judging panel for the middle school science fair. She is a faculty member of the FGCU Honors Program, Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Initiative and Whitaker Center for STEM Education. She is a senior faculty personnel for the STEM Professional Academy for Reinvigorating the Culture of Teaching (SPARCT) program.

Menaka Navaratna
Menaka Navaratna, Ph.D.
Menaka Navaratna is an associate professor of Mathematics at Florida Gulf Coast University, where he currently serves as the department chair of mathematics division. His terminal degree is in the area of applied mathematics where real life applications are modelled using mathematical equations. Besides regular administrative and teaching duties, his interests include, but are not limited to modeling biological systems using differential equations, mathematics education, computer programming and building circuits. During his leisure time, he loves to disassemble and learn the new technologies used in electrical equipment.

Teaching Assistants

Peter Phan

Peter Phan
Student at Florida Gulf Coast University. Student Assistant.

Peter Phan is a senior mathematics student at Florida Gulf Coast University. He is a passionate communicator for the advancement of academics and improvement of one’s foundation for learning. Peter is on track to graduate with honors by spring 2022 and intends on teaching mathematics at the secondary education level. He is an instructional assistant for the Lucas Center, learning assistant for the university’s mathematics department, and president of FGCU’s Mathematics Club. In his off hours, Peter enjoys drawing, driving, and tabletop games. 


Javier Centeno-Rincon

Javier Centeno-Rincon
Student at Florida Gulf Coast University. Student Assistant.

Javier Centeno-Rincon is currently a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University. He is a Mathematics major with a minor in Education; he plans on becoming a mathematics teacher at the secondary education level. He plans to teach in his hometown to help the students of his community excel in mathematics and be able to give back to the community that has given him so many opportunities. When he isn't busy, he likes to watch TV, play video games, and occasionally draw. He is currently playing two video games: Biomutant and Hollow Knight.

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