Viper Lab

VIPER Lab @ U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering 

Virtual and augmented reality is the future.

Students learn real world skills in a virtual world environment

The Virtual Immersive Portal for Engineering Research, or more commonly known as "VIPER Lab", is a 1000 ft ² room located in Holmes Hall 403. Run and operated by Sebastian Weber (Lab Coordinator) and his team of Software Engineering students, the VIPER Lab is a hub of excitement and intellectual stimulation. Sebastian is a graduate of FGCU and also holds a degree in Computer Information Systems.

The lab provides various computer-generated, three-dimensional environments where students can interact and explore by immersing themselves in multiple virtual reality scenarios. Students are able to understand how this technology is being used in the real world. They will be one step ahead when entering the business world. When bright minds and state of the art technology are brought together, amazing things can happen.

Among current student projects is a virtual-reality model of FGCU’s campus being created by software engineering majors for flood simulation “The purpose of a 3-D model of the campus is, if the university wants to add a building, we can add it in 3-D to see how it impacts flood resilience”

The experience and capability in the VR space is high. Documentation and student interests is well established. The VIPER Lab enables applications of both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Further, “The Cave” by WorldViz is a Showroom VR which provides unprecedented immersion for warehouse-scale, collaborative experiences. It is configured to run multiple 3D projectors for various levels of immersion, on a multi-wall setup.