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Fall 2021 Grad Walk Volunteers

Fall 2021 Grad Walk Volunteers

Volunteer Grad Walk Guide

Join us for the fun and volunteer for Fall 2021 Grad Walk!

If you were unable to attend the scheduled Zoom training session, please watch the recorded training video below. All new Grad Walk volunteers are required to attend a training session.


Volunteer Video



  • Check in at the Resolutions Table, which is located in front of Alico Arena to the right side, behind the Registration Tables.
    • You will receive a volunteer lanyard.
  • Once checked in at the table, call Brandon Catron at 941-500-9080. He will meet you at the lobby entrance and take you to your assigned post.
  • For First Morning Shifts, instead of calling Brandon Catron, wait at the resolutions table for event staff to take you to your assigned post.
  • Please do not leave your assigned position until the next volunteer arrives to take your place, unless instructed otherwise.
  • If the next volunteer scheduled is delayed and you must leave, call Brandon Catron.
  • Turn in your lanyard to Brandon Catron or at the Resolutions Table at the end of each shift. If you are returning for later shifts, you will receive another lanyard to wear.


Breaks & Food

  • The volunteer breakroom is located in the auxiliary gym with meals and snacks.


  • Khaki or dress pants (no jeans)
  • Polo or button-down shirt, ideally in FGCU blue or green
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Faculty/staff may wear business casual attire, if desired

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